Cat. Back Side V's 2-25 quick

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Blackfish, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. Blackfish

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    Short version:
    Arived in Avalon at 1:30 am on the 25th.
    Water temp 57.7
    Water was clean and blue
    pretty calm and no wind on the back side and east end.
    Fished until 7 am for no luv
    Did not see any other boat pull anything in
    Lots of Sea dogs
    Catch for the day....lots of Z fish
    Zero, Zilch, Zed, Zip, Zipo,



    The plan was to head to Catalina mainly to do the Avalon Clean up dive,........
    O7 registration i found under the pier.

    Me and my dive partner among thetrash collected by over 545 divers

    and try and hit the gray light at the V's before the morning dive.

    Base ball practice went long, and i left later then planned, and was on the water around 8:45 from Dana. 12-13 miles out in pretty crappy water, average speed (12-15 MPH) (no wind, just 3-4"swells in close sets) I realized I left my wallet in my truck *&%$#( *&^# (*&%%! . [​IMG]

    Turned back, and was able to do 30 mph down swell. Get back to the harbor, and i noticed the ding/raft i was pulling was not sitting right....some how the rope go twisted around the bait tank and the pressure from the rope busted the bait know i have a choice...leave it, and risk having the bait tank completely brake up and have to stop mid channel and go in the water an disconnects the hoses and tie downs, or pull the boat out and remove it on land.....well no way was going in the water, so i pulled the boat out, and removed the tank...
    home made, but worked pretty good. I just tweeked it for this trip. Dam!
    know back in the water and in route with wallet, it is 11:30... *&&%^$! [​IMG]

    I call the wife and she says just come home...NOW WAY.

    1:30 am and i arrive at Avalon, moored up on 14 just a little before 2am.

    My buddy is moored up a few spots over and i can see his buddies sleeping on the deck...COLD is the only word i can think of to describe them sleeping.

    I am a little wired up, so to kill the time I have a glass of Merlot, an drop a hoop net in 8 feet of water....I know there is no chance, but I needed to do something. at 2:30 i pull it up, and could see something was nibbling, so i toss it back down and clime into the cudy for a 1.5 hour power nap...3:50 and my buddy calls...time to fish.

    I check the the hoop net, but it is gone...rope came big..clean up dive in 4 hours.

    Head to the V's and arrive just before 5 am. There were about 6-8 private boaters, and you could also see 4-6 more near Freddies Beach.

    I drop the hook in 79 feet of water.....lots of bait metered, but i am not sure if it was squid or dines. My buddy gave me a net full of live squid that i kept in a bucket with holes tide to a cleat. i also had frozen.

    At gray light, all is quite, and i never saw any other boats do anything but float. At 7 am, it was time for me to head back to Avalon for the dive....
    some of the trash i found, including this cell phone.

    .....full speed and arrived back in Avalon at 7:10 am.

    My buddy stayed and fished China Beach, and worked his way to the west end for a few Calicos, but no WSB

    Got back to Dana a left Avalon at 4:pm, and arrived in Dana at 5:10. Choppy water, no wind, and small swell, but was able to fly home. Made it home in time for baseball practice at 7 pm..., only to find out it had been changed to Sunday at 8 am.

    I will post a we pics later.


    Blackfish (BBB)
    "Teach a kid to fish, and they will never forget you"
    from this [​IMG] to this [​IMG]
  2. TheGunslinger

    Great post. Glad to see so many divers in on the clean up. We pulled in Sat afternoon and heard about it from another boat. Later, Gary
  3. Blackfish

    Thanks for the reply...I heard you call out to anyone on 72 (around 6:30am) while i was at the backside (V's) ...sorry, i should have replied....just felt like ignoring the radio. :) Not to mention, you may have asked a simple question I was unable to answer... :rofl: and i did not want the entire world to know i am clue less:rofl:
  4. Neill

    Nice to see you over here Mike....good job on the Avalon cleanup....