Cars I should have kept

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by cretin, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. cretin

  2. Dogman

    I remember seeing those around when they first came out . Yeah if I could only go back in time to slap myself for selling a 58 Mercury turnpike cruiser ! The car was a tank with everything electric , windows and rear window etc., it even had an ashtray where you could put a cig in it ,press a switch and it would suck the cig into a jar of water under the hood .I also sold a Ford retractable hardtop for dirt cheap !
  3. Fishslayer

    Back in the day on Redondo Pier I knew one of the original long rangers name of Joe Hill. He was a Roadrunner dude.

    Personally, I'da rather had his collection of Trulines... :D

  4. progress_1

    My neighbor had a Superbird when i was growing up....great car. I restored this one and still have it i have thought about selling it but seeing pics like that one remind me NEVER sell.

  5. cretin

    Amazing car,dont sell or youll be sorry. What year is it??
  6. cretin

    Never saw an ashtray like that. Do you know how it worked? Was it from engine vacuum ? Seen alot of weird stuff on older cars , but never that. I saw a car with a record player in it. The old push button trans cars were pretty cool too. I work on a oldsmobile from the late 70s that had air bags.
  7. progress_1

    51 chevy hardtop Bel Air
  8. Diamond Jim

    28 Ford Rodster with a flat head. AV8 :appl: :appl: :appl:
  9. el Toro

    1976 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40. My first car when I was 16. Primo condition, mustard yellow. That thing would go anywhere, just not in a hurry. Damn I wish I still had that rig.
  10. Dogman

    Yeah , this car (Merc) had a pushbutton trans , The ashtray worked from the engine vac like you mentioned and the seats on this car was out of this world cause you could position them any way you seen fit , it had the old reverb sound system in it (remember reverb?)
    I never saw a car that had a record player in it , what make was the car? and those old oldmobiles were some of my fav cars ---rocket 88 luv em!
  11. cretin

    I just got my first car back. Found it in Ohio. Was the same way I left it over 20 years ago. 1970 AMC rebel machine. They made just under 2000 of them. The fisrt 1000 were red,white and blue. My color is big bad green. Its the only one documented in this color. Im
    restoring it right now!!
  12. cretin

    From what I remember, the push buttons trans had a lever that you had to slide to put it in park. Almost like a heater control lever. Vagly remember the reverb system. I cant remember the car that had the record player. I want to say it was an olds, but not posative. Saw it at a car show. Remember the Mopars with the air grabber hoods. The hood looked normal until you pulled a lever under the dash and a scoop popped uo out of the hood. The scoop had sharks teeth on the sides. Who ever designed that shit was a wizzard
  13. WhoFish

    Two '69 Camaros -- one an SS396 the other a Z-28. Wish I had them both!
  14. Kurt

    67 Nova SS , 327 and All black.

    It still hurts to see those. L79 engine made 350 horse stock.
  15. Cory Admin

    Uncle has a 69 Roadrunner with a 454 he has been working on over the years. Whenever the neighbors across the street were having a loud party he would fire it up. No exhaust past the headers :D