Carolina Lures "Sand Fleas" take two

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by PoolMan, Feb 11, 2006.

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  1. PoolMan

    I too ordered some "mini" 1/2" sand fleas from Carolina Lures. Shipping took almost a week, but the lures themselves look promising. Does anyone have an idea as to what the best hook and placement might be? The factory guys said to rig them with a split shot leading the hooked bait. I think that might work ok but the material they are made of is the same as most swimbaits, so I'm afraid it might float awkwardly above the weight that way. I'm also worried that the soft material might get destroyed quickly if nose hooked with a live bait hook. I've considered cutting back a smallish treble to two barks and rigging them with the barbs up hook that the extra weight plus the extra point might help. I've also considered a longer shank "bait holder" hook similar to a snelled hook with some kind of weight on it, a small pices of solder buried in the body with the hook maybe, to help keep it closer to the bottom. Lastly I considered a mini lead head like a crappie jig head to work the bait with no split shot ahead of the bait. Should I super-glue the bait to the hook in any or all of these cases?? Any comments or ideas would be appreciatted!
  2. Clay

    with the gulp sand crab fleas i just did a carolina and pinned the bait on about the same way you would put a jig head on a swim bait but i used a small red mesqito hook and it has worked for bsp in the till i find a better way, the most fish caught on one bait so far has been 7 stopped there cuz i was done fishing for the moment
  3. PB Trash

    I fished Del Mar this weekend with both carolina sand fleas and berkeley gulp worms (camo). I nose-hooked the fleas; the bait was on 2lb fluoro, 2.5 feet below a barrel swivel with a 1/8 oz sinker on the other side. Same with the worms.
    I caught more BSP with the worms, but they were on average smaller. The larger model perch prefered the fleas.
    All in all, I think the sand fleas are better. AND they don't make your backpack stink like the worms.

    CAROLINA SAND FLEAS...... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!You'll bring them here and maybe lose a couple and they'll mass populate and It'll be Parris Island all over again::rofl:
    Remember the Portola expedition of 1769 when they camped out in those abandoned indian huts on the south bank of the Purisima Creek on October 27.
    The Army engineer with them named that place "Las Pulgas"
  5. Randy B

    Here are a couple methods using the 1” version. I have tried the #4 Mosquito Circle hooks and it worked well. Going to try the #4 J Hooks tomorrow. The bend at the eye looks like it will help hold the crab.
    #4 Circle Hook

    #4 J Hook