Discussion in 'Personal News' started by ConSeaMate, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. ConSeaMate

    I know you guys have not heard much from Carl lately so here is an update......San Diego Crime rate down.............

  2. Carl


    You're going Gil Marlin on us.......

    :rofl:......sorry Carl,even my wife thinks its funny!
  4. Mikieb

    Little dick big balls :rofl:
  5. gpaul1961

    so criminals must be edible.
  6. Tues

    He's not Jewish....I can tell.
  7. ConSeaMate

    Not even close you super hero...[​IMG]....
  8. Bank Robber

    I don't want to know what the web is made out of :rofl:
  9. gpaul1961

    Frank says he cant be circumcised.. He said there is no end to that prick.

    Just telling it like I heard it:rofl:
  10. Mikieb

    No football till tomorrow, may as well just fuck with Carl till then.
  11. Carl

    Still smarting from that time I gave you the Spiderman when we were wsb fishing? LOL
    I'll have something special for SWORDfishing with you guys......
  12. lynndeva

    Carl, what happened to your modeling gig? :evilimu:
  13. Bank Robber

    You should see a doctor about these bizarre sex dreams you are having LOL

    Look at it this way being Spiderman is better than being Stairman :rofl: zing!
  14. Carl

    I quit so I could go for a cruise with you in the hot rod......
  15. Carl

    Maybe stairman jumped in to rinse off his Spiderman(ing)?

    Spiderman: Dean told me a definition he got from urban dictionary or someplace several months ago......It's been an inside joke between us since then. About that time Doug (stairman) came down to the marina so we could go fishing and he fell(?) in the water.
  16. Mikieb

    Why is Spiderman the most stupid superhero of them all ?

    Because he wears his underwear on his head !
  17. Simon Bon Bowery


    1. Spiderman 5118 up, 768 down
    When a girl is going down on you, and just before you climax you pull out of her mouth and nut in your own hand. Then fling the jism in her face, as you jump to your feet, making sure to properly mimic Spidey's web slinging hand motions. Now stand in a position of bravery, and power like any superhero would. Be sure not to react when she yells at you. Stand tall and proud, not too many guys get the chance to do that these days.
    Yeah so i nutted in my hand... And i was all like "PLAH SPIDERMAN!!!" And then she was all like "WHAT THE...?" And i was all like... "shhhh baby, the games back on."
  18. gpaul1961

    I like this guy. I know I shouldn't, but I do..:rofl:
  19. ConSeaMate

    There's never been a truer statement........
  20. Mikieb

    Carl is just another guy who ends up with sticky hands after using the web.