Carbontex vs extreme smoothie drag washers

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by Crazy fisherman, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Crazy fisherman

    I plan on upgrading the dartanium drag on my trinidad 14. So far no one make carbontex washer for this reel except at Kencustom reel where you have to send in your reel and the shop would cut the drag washers for you. Right now I just finished upgrading the drag to extreme smoothie drag washers. Drag is very smooth(use cal grease on washers) and have plenty of top end drag. I would like to know from your folk experience, how do these two washers compare in term of smoothness and durability in long battle. I plan to use the reel in Thailand for Giant Mekong Catfish which can weight any where from 40 lbs to 100+ lbs if you lucky. Three years ago I went there and landed a 126 lber in the Trinidad 14 with stock drag. Stock drag didn't even last one fish and one of the washer cracked....I do not want to have drag problem again and need your suggestion. Check out and check out the fish. It is like tuna in fresh water. Thanks.
  2. Crazy fisherman

    I will be using 20-25 lbs test on the reel. Bigger lines won't cast as far as lighter lines.
  3. bertram31

    I would just send the reel to Ken. Its not exactly the material but much more important how you set up the reel. I do prefer the carbonfiber drags (greased).

  4. coryellk

    Do you maintain your own reels? This would help determine an appropriate answer. If you don't send the reel to Ken's. Between Ken's advice and Wes' maintenance, it's a no brainer. If you do know your way around your reel, it's a simple manner of obtaining HT-100 4/0, 6/0, or 9/0 washers and install them. Cutting may or may not be necessary. If you have scissors or a dremel tool, it's also a no brainer... Good luck with this one.
  5. Crazy fisherman

    Yes, I do my own maintenance on my own reel. Do you or anyone know the part # of Penn HT-100 that will fit into the Trinidad 14? Ken won't send me the washers. I have to send the reel to him to have him replaced. Right now I have extreme smoothie in my reel. It is nice and smooth but I don't know how good it is until I got to use the reel on those cat fish in Thailand. The dartanium drag only lasted 3-5 fish or so last time which is not what I expected from a high end reel.

  6. Crazy fisherman

    Any one know how good extreme smoothie drag washers are? I applied small amount of Cal grease on the washer when I installed it into the reel.
  7. Blender02

    I do all my own reel repair but had Wes put the HT's in my Trinidad 14 because that's the way they do it. You won't be sorry. It works great. I have taken the reel apart several times since the switch and just re-grease the washers with Cal grease and they are SO much better than the stock washers. Just send it in.
  8. doughnut

    If you conact Alan Tani through this board, he has all the part numbers to interchange drag washers etc.