Caption Contest Photos Needed - Submit HERE!

Discussion in 'Contests' started by brantc, Nov 24, 2010.

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  1. brantc

    I need more pics for our caption contests. If you have one that you think would make the cut, please post it up here or email me at

    If we use your photo in a future contest, we will send you a BD t-shirt.

    Thanks in advance for your submissions.
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  2. lovefofish

    Here's a few I thought were funny.

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  3. lovefofish

    none of them are me !
  4. Seefood Man

  5. Seefood Man

    Sorry about the double post
  6. mrkrabs

    Here's a couple
  7. zcutbait

    tournament fishing

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  8. EL JEFE

    Here's a few...

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  9. zcutbait

    "DFG fish"......."stealth mode"......."dude is f****d"

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  10. 714aheim

  11. Albacrazy

    Here's a couple...

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  12. fishingtuna

    Here's a couple

  13. The Notorious S.U.A.

    Stan showing us his butthole.jpg

    i dont have it saved, check with Jason.
  14. Albacrazy

    a few more from past Ultra and Mardiosa trips

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  15. Albacrazy

    Wrong one, this is the one...

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  16. Albacrazy

    One more

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  17. Harrington89

    My Golf Cart and...... Well you can figure out the rest...

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  18. Holi-e-Mackeral

    What Happens, at Clipperton Atoll,...... Stays there..


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  19. caserock

    Here's a few from this year that may help you out......

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  20. mrkrabs

    Here's a couple more for you. mrkrabs