Capt. G's February Photo Contest Submission

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by Capt. G, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Capt. G

    What do you guys think?

    I received two emails.
    The first stated that the content of one of the pics (which one?) was not really appropriate.

    The second, stated very politely, that children sometimes view the site, and that would like me to consider that in my future posts.
    "That is why there is a no nudity policy on BD" he wrote. What that has to do with a severed (naked?) hand I do not know...

    So, I have deleted both pictures.

    As we say in Japan, "Have a very side".
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  2. spike

    This explains alot

    Japan #
    We do not know the legal status of Peyote in Japan, but have been told that as of Jun 2005, it is available in headshops (3 buttons for Y12,000 or $110).
  3. scuba e

    Hey, its totaly obvious, that ruler is metric......
  4. ConSeaMate

    I bet he gives a mean reacharound............[​IMG].....
  5. @-EZ

  6. BiggestT


    Hook removal from the gills is a lot easier with a small pair of needle nose pliers. Just saying.

    Maybe just a bit too much of the fumes from rod wrapping.:urno1:
  7. Gil Marlin

  8. BiggestT

    I saw the photos and laughed.

    I can't figure out what was inappropriate. Looked like an ace rod wrapper messing around with a bass mount at the end of a long day in the shop to me. I guess I need to get my mind in the gutter to see what I missed.

    Oh well, thanks for the laugh.
  9. Sluester

    A couple of tight asses around here or what. Deal with it.

    If parents are letting their kids view this site they need a swift kick in the ass.
  10. PHOTOG

    What did I miss g? Email me the pics.
  11. Capt. G

    The one of Mr. Balloon Hands, or Mr. Walkway?
  12. PHOTOG

    No way. Captain tyin knots dude.
  13. Scarleg

    Definitely not for kids.....I get shit everytime my wife looks over my shoulder and sees Salukis avatar....she says "your fishing website is LAME." LOL
  14. Lou W

    I was told that very same thing reply..." married me didnt you". There have been no more comments about the sites I visit.

    If parents are so concerned about what the kids are viewing they need to look into some of the net nanny software thats available or....put the kids computer in the kitchen/family room like we did. BE PARENTS and quit expecting the rest of the world to do YOUR job.
  15. T BICKLE

    amen brother
  16. Capt. G

    Amen, too.

    What crack me up is that those same parents assume all their kids are looking at are pics like I posted.
    I can just see their 12 year old son and his friend coming back from school, mom out shopping for rechargeable batteries (because she goes through so many of the regular kind) for her "battery operated 'personal' device, and they see that the door to dad's home office is ajar.
    The computer on the cheezy particle board desk beckons...You know, the one without all that 'nanny' software like the computer in the family room.

    They seize the opportunity. Creep in, and get online, quick, before anyone comes home.

    You gotta be smoking crack to think those two adolescent boys are going to look on BD for some of Capt G's severed hand in bass mouth pics, or even Saluki's awesome big titty Asian avatar?

    No way, straight to the gay porn for those two.

    Where are the parents when it comes to setting a good example for those same two kids?
    Like Eminem says "Apparently they aren't parents".:_grope__NFU:
  17. Capt. G

    I like what Kotaro 42, who is reported to be engaged in business has to say. He can not even spell his own fucking name correctly...

    But thank you for the link...I needed a good laugh.