Cape Falcon Marine Reserve Community Team Minority Report

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    The Cape Falcon Marine Reserve community group has concluded its work in analyzing the creation of a new marine reserve at Cape Falcon. All sustainable fishing, crabbing, and other subsistence harvest would be banned in the proposed reserve. The group has been working together for about a year to determine if the proposed reserve would be large enough to aid conservation, but small enough to protect coastal economies.

    Unfortunately, the community team could not reach consensus on the size and location of the Marine Reserve at Cape Falcon. There were several irreconcilable differences that are discussed below. The Community Team did serve up a scenario (termed, option 3 modified) that the impacted user group (defined as those that would be financially harmed by Marine Reserve implementation) could support. This option did not carry the vote. Instead, the most economically harmful option was chosen. This is unfortunate as the minority (individuals listed below) worked diligently toward a compromise that could have been a win/win and garnered support from a wide swath of the community.

    For those interested, the minority report can be found at:

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