Cape Falcon Area Fisherman - ODFW Information Request

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    ODFW has three assignments for the community team members. The last item is as follows:

    Ocean users – socioeconomic experiential knowledge
    Team members compile lists of frequent users of the proposed area who would be willing to participate in a socioeconomic workshop(s) for the following categories:
    1) commercial and charter (operator/owner) fishing,
    2) non-charter recreational fishing (includes shore fishing, kayak fishing, and spear fishing), and
    3) non-consumptive ocean users

    Please make initial contact with people to ensure that they would be willing to participate. ODFW staff, Melissa Murphy and Alix Laferriere, will also be identifying potential participants.

    Please provide the following information:
    · Name
    · Contact information
    · Which category (or categories) do they fall under: 1) commercial/charter fishing, 2) non-charter recreational fishing, and 3) non-consumptive ocean users
    · For persons who frequently commercially fish in the area, please note what fishing sector(s) they participate in within the proposed area

    If Your willing to be contacted by ODFW to provide information about your fishing experiences in the Cape Falcon area, please PM me and I will forward your information to ODFW.

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