Cape Cod 6/16 - Redemption

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    Diane and I met Capt.Chip at 4:15AM and launched around 4:45AM. While the conditions were not perfect, there wasn't a lot of fog, which had made the last trip nearly unfishable. Although the visibility was good, there was not a lot of activity to be seen. The morning was quite slow aside from a wide-open striper bite that lasted an hour or so. Around 1PM we spotted some birds working an area pretty hard. We started casting toward them and caught a bluefish and another striper. I thought we were on another school of stripers when the Saltiga slider went bye-bye. The fight was on!!! I was using the BD100 (wishing it was the BD200) with a 20K and PE6. Its first run must have taken at least 250 yards with about 20-22 pounds of drag. I could tell this was a different animal. After 25 minutes I saw color. A lot of color. Chip sank the first gaff and I followed with the second. When 68 inches of tuna came over the rail I almost threw up from excitement. For anyone who hasn’t had the chance to fish with Chip, you’re missing out on a tremendously good time… oh yeah, he’s also very, very fishy! Enjoy the photos…

    Operator - Capt Chip Baker / Offshore Experiences Sportfishing
    Boat - 25' Contender
    Anglers per trip - 3 anglers
    Cost - $250 per angler or $750 per boat per day (8hr trip)
    (Gratuities not included)
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  2. Ali

    Dammit Man.

    Nice freaking tuna!
  3. dtak2001

    Nice job on the spinning reel
  4. Sherm

    Great job on the coffee grinder tuna. That's a sweet fish.
  5. Gonzofam

    Incredible catch on the spinning gear. Setting up for the drive out there in October. Cant wait!!!!!!
  6. Saluki

    Good Lord!!!!!!!

  7. pascuale

    I love that shit
  8. get some BD Pro Staff

    Great report!
    Why no pics of the girlfriend in this report?
  9. dweston

  10. coldtuna

    Adrian, way to go man.

    Awesome!! Gotta hook up with you.

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