Can't decide but leaning towards the trinidad 14a/16a vs talica 8 II

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by MrMartilyo, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. MrMartilyo

    I got a chance to handle these reels today and I was quite suprised about how the new saltiga 2speed ld's felt. There is just something missing from what daiwa had going. The previous models are tanks. So I played with the 20 version and bumped that out of the picture.

    So I narrowed it down to the 2 shimanos well 3 of them. Talica 8 II trini 14a trini 16a. I know the 16 is a little more line capacity couldn't hurt. I picked them both up and liked them both. I an leaning towards the trinis cause the spool on the talica is much heavier or it feels much heavier than the trini spool. I do have a talica 10 but fish that for 30-40 depending on the application so I am looking for a 20-30 reel. But. That 2nd speed option is just killer in those certain situations. I like the 16a cause I could also throw jigs with it. But the 14 does feel perfect.

    Any input would help

    I would be fishing 50-65# spectra filled to the brim, being able to go from 20 25 or 30 top shot. Rod used would be phenix 908mh.
  2. tightlinemike

  3. flyliner

    I would go with the Trinidad 14A.

    I have the 12A on a phenix 700M, and the 16NA on a phenix 809H. I love them both.

    For what you described, I would go with the 14A. The 16NA and 16A have a ton more cranking power though, but they are also heavier and larger reels, and are really desiged to fish heavy braid with larger top shots that what you are looking for.
  4. MrMartilyo

    I was able to fish the 10 14 and 16 today. Love the line. Can't believe how smooth the reels are and the way they feel in the palm. 16 is a bit big 10 felt solid, but the 14 is, like I said before, perfect. Was leaning towards the 16 but the 14 with braid would do damage. Love the line.
  5. Nardo

    Late post I know.......

    Go with the Trini 14 or 16N, you do not need a Talica for fishing 20-30lb. Personally do not like wide spools and there for do not own a 14. Do have a half dozen Trini 12 and 16N. Fill with 50lb braid for fishing 20-30lb. I have 2 Phenix 868MH, one with a 12 and one with a 16N. 12 is for inshore, 16N is for offshore. Both feel great!