Campland launch ramp info needed

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by nate, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. nate

    Anyone have any experience with the launch ramp at Campland in MB?
  2. locobro

    I do and I know a couple others here do as well, whats up?
  3. nate

    I'll be more specific. I am camping there for a week and I would like to take my boat. I have never seen the ramp. Is it especially steep? Any wash down facilities? How is it at low tide? Any issues for a heavy 25' boat? Does it get crowded? Is there a decent dock for my family to board? etc.... I appreciate any info.
  4. dougiestyle

    i hate camp land dock , it works but low tide fogettabout it! and the wash down r a joke , 1 has a hose, the other doesnt....
  5. locobro

    The ramp isn't that steep, it's short though. easy to dump an axel off the back of the ramp at low tide (so I've heard...twice) It's super shallow at low tide after you launch as well. With your boat, If you have to launch at low tide, just trailer it to another ramp is my advice. Med/high tide is fine.

    They do have a washdown area, bring your own hose.

    It's totally crowded through the summer. Alot of kids and teens walking around with total disregard for a sunbaked, sleep deprived, hopped up on Redbull fisherman. I like it.

    The dock is small but fine to load family, should work out fine.

    Anything else, I'm happy to answer. I keep my boat trailered onsite there and have for a couple of years, it can be frustrating at times but we have always worked it out and boat traffic/launch ramp wise, I still think it's less of zoo than the public places.

    Hope this helps.

  6. nate

    Thanks for the info guys. Exactly what I was looking for.
  7. angry pirate

    What locobro said. I have used that ramp many times and never had a problem, with the right timing. Be there again in August.
  8. Jason Admin

    The only problems I had there was sand on the ramp at low tide, and ground 2 props from not trimming up while putting it on the trailer (it is very shallow at low tide). Otherwise bring the boat down, camp, enjoy.
  9. sharkstew

    That's fucking hilarious...LOL
  10. danijams

    Call and make reservation for a dock ($30 a day) well worth it. Docks have fresh water and power. If you do call tell them your boat is 24' as they don't let over that on there day to day. I've launched there many times (26' stripppper) kinda steep, 4 wheel drive to get out. Yes ramp will be jammed, get the dock. Oh and what they said, low tide makes for long trip out.:cheers:
  11. Halibut Howie

    I kept my boat there in outside storage for years. I hated the ramp for the reasons above. Most times I'd go and launch elsewhere cuz of tide or the crowdedness of the ramp area. There's a large launch area at the end of Clairmont St (end of bay by the Information Center) about 1/2 mile away. I'd usually use another ramp on Ingram St, Dana Landing about 2 miles away but closer to ocean. Both have pleanty of parking, wide long ramps but only a small dock. Dana Landing has facilities, store, tackle, Westmarine, gas, etc. I'd then pull it back and use the washdown at Campland, after a wait of course.

  12. Gmoyer

    I've been storing my boat at Campland for 15 years, so I must like the place.

    Used to launch there but haven't for years 'cuz I learned to hate the ramp and the cluster &^% when you come in (at the dock and at the ramp). Definitely don't launch there at low tide. I tow it the 1 or 2 miles to Dana Landing's launch area.

    And careful driving Campland - kids staying there think it's Main Street in Disneyland and they can dart out on every imaginable kind of wheeled contraption without regard to the 5,000 pounds bearing down on them....
  13. nate

    Thanks again for all the info. Looks like I will launch at Dana if its low tide. I would like to keep my outdrive attached to my boat.:)