Camp fire...

Discussion in 'Goof Off Photo Editing & Video Clips' started by Sluester, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Sluester

    the last one.

    hope the smores were good
  3. MORGS

    Fucking No Joke!
  4. the hook

    Those guys aren't going to be released from Guantanemo.
  5. drdiesel

  6. GRUNT0369

    The resale on the truck dropped a little after that fly over.
  7. Supa711

    For those who dislike downloads.
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  8. Kareem Korn

    I bet their foods done.
  9. Troy W. Salazar

    Get out the fork ....I think they are done ??????
  10. Blackfish

    you can see one guy fly out of......, then land by the left side of the thuck...NICE

    Smoke 'em if you got ' your sights.
  12. BiggestT

    Are the rounds from the chain gun exploding rounds? The look nasty.
  13. jesse

  14. shinerunner

  15. fishnbuddy

    counted about 8 with 2 armed...reported 8 with 5 armed. I like his math.

    Those rounds can come as H.E. rounds. High Explosive rounds. Nice compliments to a Hellfire Missle. Definetly gets the job done.