Cambell River Canada 7/26 - 8/1

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Reel Em In, Aug 3, 2003.

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  1. Reel Em In

    Got all fired up at the Fred hall show and booked a trip up to Canada at a place called Painters Lodge in Cambell River Vancouver Island. Took the whole family and after much debate decided to drive it. Of course that meant we needed a new van with a DVD player for the kids. And, man did that occupy them they never once said the dreaded " R we there yet "? What a great trip. The fishing was marginal with my big Chinook (25lb)coming on the last of 4 days of fishing. However the kids caught 2 or 3 , 5lb Pinks every day that the restaraunt would cook up nightly for our dinner (yum). One day I caught 4 different kinds of salmon. However, all but one had to be released because of crazy closures by species. It tore me up releasing an 18lb dinner feast. But, those are the rules and I was grateful for the ones we did get to keep and eat. I had salmon for dinner 5 nights in a row and am having a BBQ of it tonight. I think my skin is turning pink. So it will be back to white meat Friday as I plan on hitting the Coral. Lets hope the tuna cooperate a bit better than the Chinook. I will attach a few pics.

    fish 4x5.jpg
  2. Reel Em In

    daughter and the first pink

    kendra pink 4x5.jpg
  3. Reel Em In

    another kid and pink

    kailin pinks 5x6.jpg
  4. Reel Em In

    the boy

    g and pinks 4x6.jpg
  5. Reel Em In

    the wildlife

    orca 4x6.jpg
  6. Mot's Sr.

    Great pictures and great trip, I love it up there, I went up to Williams lake many years ago and got into the Dolly Varden trout. Man thats Gods country, glad you had a good trip.
  7. fishpsychic

    looks like fun
  8. Mots

    Nice,Nice,Nice, report and pic's. What a trip that must of been. How was it seeing a orca in the wild. Awesome. Thanks for the pic's