Calling for MUCHO PRAYERS!

Discussion in 'Personal News' started by Richard Cranium, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Richard Cranium

    To All Bloodydeckers,
    I need to get the karma and prayers that this site brings, and bring it hard, for a friends son. His name is Steven Scott, 21 yrs old ASU student. He was invoved in a friendly shove that turned very, very BAD. He hit his head and is not doing well, and is in a Coma from the freak fall. He needs the power of prayers that this site brings to get through this very trying time. Please pray hard for Steven, so that he can overcome the injury and live a normal life. Please send prayers......
  2. fishnbuddy

    Sorry to hear something bad came out of something intended to be friendly!! Prayers coming.

    Prayers sent !!!
  4. fishkillerbill

    Prayers sent
  5. coldies

    Prayers sent!!!
  6. westmeetseast

    Prayers on the way
  7. SandShark

    Prayers Sent!
  8. bigeye2k

    Prayer sent. I hope he gets well soon.
  9. chickenhawk

    Prayers sent
  10. mercerm

    Thoughts and prayers sent for a full recovery
  11. Kurt

    prayers coming. Your bringing this gives me flashbacks.
  12. Richard Cranium

    I'm sorry about that... godspeed for Stevens recovery from the coma... Man I am broken up about this... It does not look good... Need the Karma/Healing power that this site brings....
  13. Captain Curt

    The wifey and I will send our prayers for him and his family and everyone one involved. Hang in there Steven.


    The boat Hanna.........
  14. sealskinner

    Prayers sent for Steven.
  15. Az.monkey

    Brother ask and you shall recieve, Prayers out for Steven and his family for a speedy and healthy recovery
  16. Mischief

    all my family prayer for your friends son,.

    Lokey and family,..
  17. Squid Vicious tonights prayers
  18. murderNmako

    prayers sent from here!
  19. inSTANt bendo

    Prayer sent. May the Lord manifest himself as Jehovah-Rophe (healer) to Stephen and pour his love and grace upon him.

    on my list