Calico baitcasting Reel for rod

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by 30lbbg2299, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. 30lbbg2299

    I am getting a nice okuma rod at big 5 for 50 bucks and want to put a nice sized baitcasting reel on it. Round or low profile but nothing over 200 bucks i like the shimano cardiff or was it he corvalus? What is a good reel that will be good for live bait and swimbaits that will also allow a good amount of 30lb braid on it.
  2. Redsyn

    I'd much rather get a curado 301 then a cardiff or corvalus. I had a cardiff 301 and its nothing compare to the curado. the drags are much much stronger and the handle is bigger longer for more power.
  3. mackereljoe

    An Okuma akena might be a good match. The 250 should get around 150 yards of #30 spectra with around 60 yards of #15 izor xxx mono. You'll enjoy it more if it's well balance, so let us know the model of your rod to give us better idea.
  4. 30lbbg2299

    The rod is an okuma catalina graphite with a cork handle i do not think it is a very well brodcasted rod.
  5. daweez

    I have a abu garcia 5500 thats a lot of fun to fish plus its only bout $100 so you have $ left over to put it to use
  6. getemwet

    Newell 220