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  1. Neveslaw

    Friend sent me this, so I'm sharing:


    There will be a Fish and Game Commission meeting on August 8th in Ventura. For those interested in fishing, it's time to speak your mind regarding the proposed Sandbass, Spottie and Calico regulations.

    The three proposed regulatory options are intended to work together to favor population increases of the three bass species by reducing take.

    The options include an increase in the minimum size limit for all three species (with a corresponding increase in fillet length and alternate length), a reduction in the bag limit for all three species, and a spawning season closure for barred sand bass only. Each proposed option includes a range of sub-options
    yielding different reductions in catch depending on the species. The following summarizes the options for regulatory change in Title 14, Sections 27.65(b)(1) and 28.30:

    Option 1: The proposed regulation would increase the minimum size limit for bass to either 13, 14, or 15 inches total length. An increase in the minimum size limit to 13, 14,
    or 15 inches will require a corresponding increase in the fillet length size to 7, 7.5, or 8 inches, respectively and a corresponding increase in the alternate length size to 9.25, 10, or 10.75 inches, respectively. Ocean whitefish fillets would retain the 6.5 inches
    minimum length and require the entire skin be attached.

    Option 2: Current regulations specify a limit of 10 fish (bass) in any combination of species. The proposed regulation would retain the 10 fish upper limit in aggregate stipulation, but provide for a reduction in the individual species limit within the range of 10 to 0.

    Option 3: Current regulations do not specify any seasonal closure of barred sand bass fishing. The proposed regulation would close barred sand bass fishing from 1 week to 3 months during the spawning season (June 1-August 31).

    DFG states the benefits of the proposed regulations are sustainable management of the bass resources to protect bass populations while continuing to provide recreational fishing opportunities. The proposed regulations are neither inconsistent nor incompatible with existing State regulations. No other State agency has the authority to promulgate sport fishing regulations.
    NOTICE IS GIVEN that any person interested may present statements, orally or in writing, relevant to this action at a hearing to be held at:

    The Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach Hotel,
    450 E. Harbor Blvd.
    Ventura, California
    Wednesday, August 8, 2012 at 8:30 a.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard.
  2. simmo13

    Such wording. If it makes the bass fishing better then cool. I hope that in there is something along the lines of only 3-5 per species per day. I like 3 but doubt that it will change that much. Who needs 10 bass of one species (how it is now) a day???but if you were able to land 3 sand and 3 calicoes then cool 6 fish seems plenty. I release 99% of the bass I catch. My .02.
    Ps. Now all those 11 inch bass kept will grow.:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:

    After I wrote this ^ I reread and saw where they will decide "the aggregate stipulation,but provide for a reduction in individual species limit within the range" so they have yet to decide I guess with my high school diploma.
  3. bassfinder949

    Good News !!!!!!! Are Bass Fisheries are just being Slaughtered !!!!!!!!!!! The Sport Boats are a Big Taker of these slow to grow species and If it was up to me I would Have a NO TAKE on all three of our Bass .When I take friends out on our Boat all Bass are released ,I mean who wants to eat Bass anyways go buy some Tilapia from Stater Bros , I dont know about you guys but I like catching Big Bass and dont want to charge it to SC Island to find them .Since the MLPA took effect all of Laguna has been shut Down ,so all the Sportboats have been fishing Salt Creak Kelp and the Kelp off of San Clemente and farther down to the Barn Kelp and everthing in between they keep everything 12' and over what gets me really mad is when I go to get some Fish and Chips at Johns Fish Market and walk past Dana Wharf and it says we caught 17.589 Calicos last year , and #1 Calico Killers on the West Coast .We need to all do our part or theres going to be nothing left I hope all our Bass guys show support for these new laws there trying to pass.Later
  4. 26grumpy

    Where is the data to justify reg changes??

    I'm for the changes because I'm a 90% c&r bass-hat who wants his first 10# Calicock in a bad way. The changes can only help me but I'd be hypocritical if I didn't call for releasing ALL data that provides back-up to justify more regs, stricter regs and the gateway to a very slippery slope.

    Has anyone ever caught a tagged Calico? Where are the studies and where is the data for the public to review before ANYTHING process-wise happens???
  5. It's kept in the same place all the data and research that was done for the South Coast MLPA closures are. :rolleyes:
  6. sealskinner

    Come down to Dago. We have plenty of bass that taste great.
  7. sitonmyface

    I love killing 10 bass. Catch and release is :supergay:
  8. 86 Winchester

    SOOOOO, the MLPA's are put high concentrated fishing in open areas...we all knew this would, here come,s increased regulations because everyone is fishing in the same place, then comes more MLPA's to these places...then on and on....

    Do the sport boats that people pay to go out and fish on have a right to the legal limit...I say yes, same as for me or you...if you decide to release your catch that is fine...the people that keep their fish want to eat this a crime?

    We all want that secret spot to fish that no one else fishes and has the big ones......their all under MLPA regulation and I think this is just the start of its expansion..[​IMG]

    So, good fishing while you can.....
  9. Mikieb

    If you need to keep 10 Calicos your either poor which is okay or don't know how to fish which is SAD !!!
  10. calisnowhunter

    Ya we should all go to Johns fish market where no fish are harmed:rofl::rofl:
  11. plj46

    Isnt this old news ? i dont think they will change anything.I wish they would but they drag their feet on these things.Someone wants to see data to show why they should make changes ? total up what our commercial 1/2 and 3/4 day boats take per year and then add some for the private fleet.It isnt the commercial/wholesale guys taking bass.Just my meaningless opinion.
  12. Carl

    Personally, I'm tired of bass eating my bait while I'm fishing for YT, WSB and Halibut......Thin em out boys, thin 'em out.....:waglleybooty:
  13. Kelpbedhead

    This is all hippie bull shit!
  14. Daniel Burke

    Wow you won't let your friends keep the fish they catch on your boat. And you tell them they have to go buy fish at the market if they want to eat. I'd hate to be on your boat man.

    My friends catch bass every single time we go out to the islands and nearly every time we eat those bass for dinner on our anchorage. Bass taste great!
  15. DC61

    I totally agree with this and personally elie's way overdue. I am the same one who pointed out that a cooler full of 60 dead calico bass on the Dreamer (along with limits of seabass) is such a waste. I also pointed out that they did nothing illegal. We as sportfishermen have proven we cannot regulate ourselves. As much as I loathe government involvement, We need to do this.

    While they are meeting, I hope they do more to regulate hoop netting. We are killing the resource......
  16. Simon Bon Bowery

    No shit, Can't keep those fuckers from going thru our bait....
  17. 26grumpy

    Could you please provide some back-up, some link to a study, anything that would educate us flat-earthers about the realities on the water would be prefferable.

    You like many are falling for the language of tyranists. First they isolate a weak target, that would be the recreational angler in this instance. Humiliation comes next. They rally others against the target by using fear and mis-information painting the target as an evil do'er.....killing sea kittens in this case.

    De-humanizing the target is essential, the target cannot be perceived as living breathing humans so they come up with Atomitronic names like "consumptive users". This act frees up the ignorant to become loud guilt-free foot-soilders as there is no longer a human connection to consider before making outrageous statements.

    Intimidation is a given. We see that in play right now with the elevated searches, on-the water harrassment, helicopters and dogs and DFG cutters and pure partisan hate coming from elected officials against the top DFG official who is one of us.

    Indoctrinate the young and ignorant within the ranks of the target through guilt and projection to create dis-unity, division and chaos within said ranks.

    Wake up folks.....
  18. dvarney

    My brain hurts after reading that, but its sooo true. Sad but true.
  19. tsurikichi

    Hi Nevslaw,

    Be interesting to see how many sporties (maybe even contribution to a landings demise or ah hem reorganization) go under when the .... 'keep everything and as much as you're willing to risk getting caught with and drag the bag of uncleaned fish off the boat' folks find it just ain't worth the trip any more !!

    Love and support our cattleboats SD to CI in general and am an advocate of their business value and service to the fishing public but hope a select few of them GO ....... SOON, VERY SOON ....... FAR FAR AWAY !!

  20. reelbadlarry

    Good thing we released all those calicos years ago in we can drive by and watch them grow. Catch, eat, and release.