Cabo San Lucas

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by BellyBuster, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. BellyBuster

    Hey all, I am taking a small 4 day 3 night trip down to cabo with the lady and her friends. Any way I can sneak off to do a day trip? She has already given me "permission" to sneak off for a day. Where should I start looking for a trip? How much do they run? I am a total newbie to mexico, so any advice is appreciated!
  2. BajaMike

    You don't mention when you're going to be in Cabo and that would have a significant impact on the type of charter to look for. This time of year there is a lot of inshore action and a panga would be a good call. Other times it's happening offshore and you'll want to be on a cruiser. You can do a search here for recommendations, rates etc. for both types.
  3. seriola_killer

    Look no further. This guy can help you out:
  4. MinnesotaPhats

  5. 2dogs

    I fished with Victor, non better, and he speaks fluent english.
  6. GiantSquid

    Another plug for Renegade Mike
  7. got2fishsd

    If you want a badass panga Jamie on the Jessica.
  8. BellyBuster

    thanks for the answers guys. I'll be heading there in the end of May.
  9. BellyBuster

    is that a panga trip or an offshore trip?
  10. Team Karma

    Jaime, the owner and operator of Jessica, will fish anywhere you want to. He is always up to date on the latest inshore and offshore bites. Victor on the Santi is another excellent option for a panga.

    Renegade Mike and Dreamweaver are excellent options for smaller affordable boats in the 30 foot range.

    You don't need to look anywhere else other than those 4 options. Book with any of them and you will come back happy.
  11. stucktip

  12. Diesel.Dawg

    I went there on my honeymoon and fished a couple of days while the wife went to the spa. My best advise is to have a charter arranged before you go. The marina is like a meat market and you will be on their home field.
  13. utfan98

    RenegadeMike FTW. Fished several times with his crew, he and his crew will work hard to put you on the fish. If it is your first time going, I would fish on a sportfisher and reserve the Panga for another time. Pagna fishing can be productive as well.
  14. LarryHaynes

    Kyle is spot-on, as usual.
  15. mtponwpi

    Renegade Mike is the man
  16. landlok'd

    X 2 ...or 3 or 4, however many times he's already been mentioned!