Cabo 7/8-7/15

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by mooningu, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. mooningu

    Well the wife and I are all booked for Cabo. I booked 2 days fishing with "THE EL BUDSTER" on 7/12 & 13. The owner Jim Dillion seems to be a great guy. Got to talk with him for about an hour and he gave me all the tips for the best resturaunts that are off the main strip and is hooking us up with other activity people for ATV, and snorkeling.

    If anyone else is going to be there during this time I have room for 2 on the boat. Only cost you around $250 for everything including food and beer each day. Just PM me.

  2. x-man

    Damn, I'll be there the following week. Too bad, cause I was looking for someone to share a boat with. Good luck. Oh, and can you share the names of a couple of those restaurants? The last time we were there we ate at a place right across from the little town square (the one with the whale skeleton on display). Can't remember the name but the food and the margaritas were both awesome.
  3. mooningu

    Just go to this website and look at the restaraunts link. The first one listed will cook any fish you bring in for just $2 a plate including all the extra goodies.:)
  4. Punkfish

    Jim's a cool dude!! His boats produce feesh, you'll have a good time and don't be surprised at how young his crew is, they know their shit!!

  5. mooningu

    That's what I've been reading. Everybody raves about him.
  6. Panic

    Be sure and let us know when you get back, I am heading down on Dec4-11, and have been looking for a charter. Want to do at least 2 days.
  7. kepdawg

    The video on that site is bringing back memories as long as you turn the volume off. Sounded like a broken record, but some good footage.
  8. bajabaron

    Hey Moon,

    I will most likely be down there with the wife and possibly some friends July 9th - 16th. We stay at the Playa Grande. Where are you shacking up?

    Maybe we could hook up and go fishing. I usually get deals through Solmar, but I'm not sure that they truly go out of their way to nail the fish. I've had some really good days with them and some pretty slow ones where we didn't really run as far as we could have to chase the fish. They are obviously more interested in selling timeshares these days then hard core fishing, but the discounts are pretty big so if the fishing isn't too far of a run, I'll book with them.

    My group had good luck with Cabo Magic when we charted 7 boats for my bachelor party back in July of 04.

    Also, flights out of LA are still pretty damn high right now. Where are you flying out of and did you get a decent ticket?