Cabo 216 ready for duty!!

Discussion in 'Check Out My Boat' started by Graylight, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Graylight

    Here is my Cabo 216 I bought a few years back from a Bloody Decker. I got the Murry Brothers chair on Craigs list, put on new bow rails ,tower, electric down riggers, trim tabs, spray guards, 1200 watt inverter, microwave, sub woofer, amp, new stereo w/ ipod jack, and a bunch more plumbing, and electrical.

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  2. Reel 007

    Nice, looks like a 'O lot a love went in that rig.
  3. SeaHawk IV

    Who fabricated the T-Top? The tubing layout looks very similar to my T-Top layout but without the tower.
  4. Graylight

    Tom Rogers at salt water specialties
  5. HBfisherman

    In my opinion these are the perfect So Cal all around boats. Yours is setup very nicely, now go get her bloody!
  6. Graylight

    Oh its been bloody don't worry. And thank you
  7. toehead93

    That has a lot of deck space for fishing out back, very nice.
  8. Derby

    Always love these boats. Just well thought out!
  9. homeboyhero

    this is so sick
  10. Graylight

    Thanks guys it fishes like a much bigger boat.
  11. tuna 272

  12. cliff_fishes

    They have two built-in 20 gal transom bait tanks unless modified.
  13. Graylight

    I thought they were 25gal? I installed new 500 gal rule pumps and baffles with airaters for each tank and they work great now. :hali_olutta: Stuart

    Really nice battle wagon you got there. The 216 is still one of my Favorite boats out there.
  15. hotrail20

    Very Nice Rig
  16. cliff_fishes

    Picts??? Sounds like a good idea the airaters. We use 2 waterpuppys and only lost bait once in SD. Went back to everingbrothers and got a better scoop that lasted. The Cabo brochure stated 20 gallon bait tanks. That is where I got the info.
  17. Graylight

    Thanks Cliff good info. Where did you get the brochure?
  18. cliff_fishes

    From a old post I saw here. I copied the picture, don't have the original.

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  19. jayyyy

    That boat is set up to catch anything, fighting chair for Marlin etc. tower for spotting tailer's foamers etc. and down riggers for Salmon. Very nice.
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  20. Graylight

    We fish from SD to Moss hence all the toys.