C-rig vs. lead head

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by fishfearme86, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. fishfearme86

    I am only asking this because I know you guys are experts. To target a little better quality fish I was thinking about on sunday throwing a big kailins motor oil grub. Ive killed calicos with it on kelp beds and on the rocks at the islands. However I have them rigged on a lead head. Advantages disadvantages?? I can rig it c-rig style if I have to but they are ready to tie on now with the lead heads. Just dont wanna be chasing my tail. No one responds to my posts probably because I fish further north than most of you. But some friendly advice would be gladly appreciated!
  2. SDSUWarren

    Carolina will allow your plastic to move more naturally in the surf. The lead head is going to pin the grub to the sand. If you want to fish cast-retrieve style, I suppose you can stick with the lead head, but Carolina is definitely the preferred method for fishing the skinny. Motor oil grubs work great for perch, YFC, and even spotfin. I'd go with crabs, bloodworms, or GCSW for better success with the corbina. Hope this helps.
  3. heatmiser

    What is GCSW?

    Gulp Camo Sand Worms?
  5. heatmiser

    LOL! That is what I usually fish with for the surf.
  6. tloucks

    How about this, will it work ?

    A regular carolina rig with a little longer leader and adding a dropper loop with a GCSW on one hook and a 3" swim bait on the other hook.
    What problems do you forsee ?

  7. koifish

    Nice. I tried that and only catch perch on the loop. never catch any thing on the swim bait.
  8. funnyguy


    Ive tried c-riging a larger grub before and I kept have issues with the bait fouling the line or I would get knots in my leader. On a calm beach or bay with no waves it worked fine but in the surf I had a lot of problems. Small grubs up to 2 inches didn't seem to have the same problems as the larger 4 inch grubs and the larger grubs didn't cast as well as they do on a jig head. Try it out and see how she works but bring some jig heads just incase. The c-rigged grub did have a lot better action then the grub on the jig head.

    Have a good one,

  9. Smokehound

    I personally do not like the C-rig when surf fishing with grubs..

    T-rigging is better, IMO. You wont have to worry about the line fouling itself, and only one knot to tie.. Plus as a Bonus, you can feel ALOT safer around that kelp. Whenever I go surf fishing at newport, I'll T-Rig and go straight into that kelp along the jetties. Lots of huge fish hide around there.

    Nothing wrong with your lure being "pinned" to the sand, after all perch and croakers are TRUE bottom feeders! All that sand being stirred up will definitely attract fish, especially croakers.

    if your jighead is not performing right, you're using the wrong weight for your line class.

    if using 6 lb test, stick to 1/16 oz jigheads, this is PERFECT. A common mistake is choosing 1/8 oz jigs with 6 lb, it's just a LITTLE bit too heavy.

    But hey, lots of people slay with C-Rigs, to each his own!
  10. rainmann13

    are corbina good to eat???
  11. Laguna80

    I've never fished a lead head in the surf but have heard of others being successful with them. My tried and true method is a hook/softshell sandcrab, an egg sinker about 1.5 feet up with a split shot to hold it above the hook. Works for me just fine. :) I might give that t-rig a try when we go up to Refugio next summer. Although, we usually just use leadheads for bass fishing.