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Discussion in 'Florida Sport Fishing Reports' started by F3X, May 17, 2012.

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  1. F3X

    I have a request and hopefully someone can help. I have a friend that has Cancer and isn't expected to make it through this summer. The last 3 months of chemo and radiation and all the crap that goes with it has taken a toll. He will get back home soon and hopefully get some strength back to possibly make a good fishing trip.

    Anyway we fish together in SoCal and always wanted to get some of the Florida action we see on TV. If I could put him on Permit, Tarpon, Kings etc. that would be awesome.

    If someone can point me in the right direction that would be great. I can probably get him to Florida no problem but then we would need someone to take us out for a day or two. All this depends on his health so we take it day by day.

  2. Redwine Admin

  3. sdfish13

    What a good friend!
  4. Pescador Paul

    I have a situation similar to Tom's. An old friend of mine, who has survived seven yrs after being treated for pancreatic cancer, was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He has not yet decided whether he will go through chemo and radiation treatments again, as his situation is likely terminal no matter what course he chooses.

    He is one of the very few people who have survived a significant amount of time after pancreatic cancer, and he views the last seven years of life as a gift. I hope to get him down to CSL annd help him catch a marlin while he still can do so.

    Good karma to you, Tom, for helping a friend out.

    Pescador Paul
  5. F3X

    Looking at June/July.

    He is scheduled for chemo once a week so we will squeeze it in between treatments. He isn't having any negative reaction on chemo so its not like he is really sick afterwards. His strength is down mostly because he was inactive while in the hospital so once he gets some muscle back he should be good to go. I am not expecting him to fight a billfish in 2 hours solo but something a lot more fun than Barracuda, Mackerel & Bass we get in SoCal. The Yellowtail are showing and we will take a shot at them also but I think if you put your hopes on a trip Florida might be the place.

    Thanks guys!
  6. Fired Up

    I would love to help you and your friend out. If you'd like i will do the trip for the cost of fuel only. I will not charge you a dime. I will put you offshore on kings and maybe whatever else bites! Call me anytime at 407-222-3573.
    Derek, If you'd like to come along and help me out for the day that would be an honor as well.
  7. F3X

    Sounds great, we are not looking for a free ride but helping hand. I need to get the logistics in order and start a travel plan.

    I have a few pm's asking on his condition. Squamous cell cancer, a large tumor in the neck and a few small tumors in his chest. He gets around ok, No marathons are planned but give him a little extra time to get around. He will be stronger in a few weeks. No special accommodations will be needed but he is currently a bit high maintenance with the daily routine. This is why I think the sooner the better so I will see if he is up for a trip next month.

    All is just talk at the moment but when we set the plan we will be good to go.
  8. BrassyHooker

    Hooker is in as well if there is any conflicts, same as Chris, just kick in for the fuel and we will roll!!!!
  9. Redwine Admin

    please just let me know how i can help as you know more. chris and brad are also both good people in my area so it seems like you have a team of people to make this happen.

    standing by.
  10. F3X

    Thanks for all the help. I just looked at your big post and WOW you guys have some fun! Cool to see the friendship with Jose, I really liked his show. Sad to hear the news.

    I spoke with him about getting back on the local waters in a few weeks and he is all in. Some small goal to shoot for. Once I know more I will schedule the trip with your guys help.

    Just for a teaser whats biting lately??
  11. Redwine Admin

    thanks, yes i'm still pretty sad about losing one of my closest friends. it sucks.

    fishing here in east central florida has been good. inshore - redfish and trout are consistent if you have some decent weather. offshore-nearshore there's cobia, kingfish, sharks, and a few tarpon which should get more plentiful in the next month or 2. Offshore bottom fishing has been good for jacks and grouper. big snapper are a nuisance because we are not aloud to keep them, they can still be fun to catch for a picture. Offshore trolling there has been a decent number of dolphin (dorado) around as well as sailfish and wahoo.

    The river and nearshore may be your best bet for steady action and manageable conditions and species for your friend.
  12. BrassyHooker

    Kings, Mahi, Sails, Grouper, Snapper!! Its summatime!!!
  13. F3X

    SWEET! This should get the blood pumping.

    Looks like Orlando airport to hook up with you guys. I will start looking for flights.
  14. Redwine Admin

    the airport is only about 45 minutes from port canaveral. the port has plenty of good places to east. i think the raddison is the closest hotel.
  15. Megabytes

    I will be in Florida from June 16-23 and can take you and your friend out. No charge what so ever. I like to pay it forward and would love to help. I can take you out for grouper, snapper, tarpon, sharks what ever you want. PM me if this is possible for you. I have a 27 Grady center console. Pretty comfortable boat with enclosure.

  16. F3X

    You guys are great!

    I am still working on getting him strong enough for the trip. He is just starting solid food after the radiation treatment burnt his throat and mouth so its very hard to eat. As soon as he can choke down a burrito I think he will start to put on weight and get stronger. We plan to go out next week on my boat for a shake down run first and solidify some plans after that.

    Thanks for the help. We are looking forward to it, Set small goals first and move up a notch!!
  17. eaglesfanguy

    Gotta love the people on this board....... best wishes to your friend. Lost both my parents to cancer, and my best friend. Pay it forward in life.
  18. F3X

    Thanks for the support , I know the post is a little old and you can probably guess where this is going.

    "J" never really got well enough to make the trip and as these things go the last few months were pretty hard on him but now that his pain is over he will make the final trip out with me and as he said "Sleep with the fishes" :food-smil

    RIP old friend!
  19. Redwine Admin

    i'm very sorry for your loss.

    if i can be of any help please let me know.
  20. 1bigfisch

    Sorry for the loss of your friend. He was a lucky man to have someone like yourself as his friend. Prayers sent.