bringing fish back from mexico

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by bardfromedson, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. bardfromedson

    i live in alberta canada and have a trip to puerto vallarta booked for january. going offshore for 2 days and was wondering about the rules on bringing fish back on my flight. its a direct flight from puerto vallarta to edmonton. is there any loopholes i need to jump through or is it like any other luggage?
  2. DH10

    Can't say about Canadian customs, but I have brought full coolers of fish back to the US without any issues. They seldom open the Mexican inspection seal. Get a quality 40 quart wheeled cooler, it will hold 45 pounds of fish and you won't be tempted to try and bring too much back.
  3. landlok'd

    It's pretty easy...40-50 qt cooler, make sure your fish is frozen solid (no ice) and fills the space pretty completly (stuff with newspaper if needed). Don't seal your cooler until inspection at the airport in Mexico, have duct tape at the ready to seal it there. They'll ask about it on the American side, but i don't think they've ever even looked. I think they expect it on flights from certain places, and you likely won't be the only one with a cooler.
  4. pargon

    They got it right, no ice, no dry ice. If you want you can use the packages or bottle like things that you freeze and add in, but if your fish is frozen solid and you pack it well, use newspaper, or laundry, on top, and tape it well, with tape around the seal as well around the cooler, it'll make it north just fine.
  5. Lou W

    I put several blue ice flexible freezer packs in teh cooler my last trip back from Vallarta. Mex officials asked the counter people if they were ok. They were. YMMV
  6. nordic flyer

    Just what he said Coleman extreme is a good one no ice taped plug and try to tape the lid after inspection! Solid frozen will last 4 day's in that cooler! (with-out opening it) Good luck it is looking good!

    If you are not taking a cooler with you,( that you need when there) ? Buy at least a plastic cooler. And tape ,tape, tape!
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  7. igfarich