Brewster Millions(with the pics)

Discussion in 'Washington Freshwater Lakes & Rivers Reports' started by The Wilson, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. The Wilson

    I know its not saltwater... but these fish were in the salt for awhile.

    Went to Brewster with a close friend of mine for his Bday on 8/24. Showed up at the launch at 430 on a redline from Lake Tapps. Launched the boat at 5 and by 530 had 4 nice bright Sockeye in the boat. The day was stalled by my rod hooking into a King that was right around 20 22 pounds. We were using the sockeye slaying rods( 2-8lb Jared Johnson Lamiglas Kokanee Rods). I played the fish for about 20 minutes with a solid net job when she decided to give up. Ended the day with 11 sockeye and 3 Kings.

    Came back Friday afternoon and decided to leave the boat at the Campground. Headed back over Saturday night at 12 midnight. This time had my Grandfather, lil bro, and old buddy B.

    Fishing had slowed and we worked until 11. 6 Sockeye and nice bright Jack Chinook. Grandpa and Lil Bro played all the fish and it was a great time! I love Brewster and if you havent done it... plan for it next year. Great fishery in 90 degree weather and amazing scenery. The meat in these fish is to die for too. Just wish the people over there would learn to troll!

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  2. Genie Aye

    Nice report!! Good fishing!!

    I need some sockeye in my freezer---about the only fish I do not have this year.

    How long is it open up in Brewster for sockeye?? To lazy to look:rofl:
  3. The Wilson

    I believe it is open for a lil while... but the fish are up in the Okanogan River now... im waitin til next year for my next trip
  4. Skycries57

    funny, that first picture looks like Bill Herzog from tacoma..
  5. baja kid

    The z man....
  6. The Wilson

    Its a younger version of Bill... might be his brother Billy