Brand New HX 5/2 - Looking for a pistol

Discussion in 'Fishing Rods and Reels For Sale' started by TurdRoller, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. TurdRoller

    I have a brand spanking new Avet HX 2 speed in Silver that I got as a gift back in October. The only use it has seen, was putting the rod clamp on. I don't have the box, as I used it to ship something in. I love the reel, but I really want a pistol right now.

    If I don't get the offer I'm looking for, then I'll just keep the reel and fish it. Not looking to sell it.

    Pistols I'm looking for:

    Sig P229 or Hk USP in .40S&W LOL like that would be a fair trade :D

    Seriously though, I will consider trades for a number of pistols chambered in .40 S&W. I would like to stick with well known brands, as in no Kel Tech, or Hi point. Looking for Glock, Springfield XD, things of that nature...A revolver would also be pretty cool too.

    Oh I would also immediately take a CZ 75.

    Anyways, PM or email me with what you have:


    Disclaimer - Do NOT be fooled by me age. I have been around guns/shooting all my life. I am very gun savvy, but more important, SAFE. I will meet at an FFL for the transfer
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  2. Gil Marlin

    Kyle, I sent you a PM...
  3. fishaholic32

    I both love and hate your avatar!!!
  4. Gil Marlin

    Me too... :D
  5. TurdRoller

    BUMP for more offers
  6. TurdRoller

    Bump again
  7. Gil Marlin

    How about a black powder revolver then??? :D
  8. sealtaco

    I got a BB gun
  9. okie man

    i have a t/c contender i might trade for a reel. 35rem caliber, ported barrel. ss with holster and scope.