Braid Fishing Products Caption Contest - Ending February 6th, 2012

Discussion in 'Contests' started by brantc, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. brantc

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    Braid Fishing Products has put together a killer prize pack for the member that best captions this picture:

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    BD contest assortment.jpg

    This prize pack is valued at over $100

    The new leaders are specially designed for Popping and Jigging. They add 30% more strength than any other leader and are super soft premium Japanese monofilament to prevent kinking or coiling when coming off the spool. Additionally, they are designed for easy and simple attachment to the main line using a loop to loop connection.

    Also included are two angling tools and a Killer Popdancer Popper.

    To see more Braid Fishing Products and sign up for their mailing list to be clued in on all their latest specials, click here:

    Contest ends Feb 6th at 5pm PST


    1. Winner will be determined by BD staff and Braid Fishing Products. Judges decisions are final. If you lose, just wait for the next contest and quit complaining that you got screwed.

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  2. Lou Kohn

    Braid, Me and my nuts thank you! Now if I can just figure out how to get this reel working!!!
  3. pauladams

    Putting the heart of Braid products to the best test money can buy crimp em , split em , pop em , leader em , gaff em its Braid all the way everyday
  4. Tues

    Look, it's the Braidy bunch preforming a circle jerk...
  5. NorthShore41

    No one likes a show off, just reel it in
  6. BigfishDM

    She's a squirter, get the Gaff!
  7. Uncle C

    Please tell me you used Braid products, this is a fish of a lifetime.
  8. Whiskey

    Even though Braid does all the hard work, you still have to reel it in one handed.
  9. The Bushman

    Go ahead and bump up the drag... Braid and I got ya covered! I promise I'll hold on to the handle when the fish starts to pull you in.!
  10. Zombie

    "We're gonna need a bigger boat..."
  11. Doda2na

    Even Sperm Whales get off on Braid products!
  12. sdfishkiller

  13. fishr1989

    Someone get me a beer...we're gonna be here a while
  14. bassfishman

    If any of you spectators think wearing the Braid Stealth Harness is cheating you should try cranking on this Cow!!!
  15. JustLuckyIGuess

    If he pulls another shipwreck off the bottom with that Braid EZ Leader, then Captain I swear he's going in!
  16. fishbone24

    A bent rod and a braid harness,... life doesnt get any better!
  17. BrianN

    If it weren't for Braid this cow would have been GONE by now!
  18. spike

    Braid Products make me Spray my pants!
  19. buckeyetuna

    There are some moments in life when alot of pressure feels pretty DAMN GOOD!!
  20. inSTANt bendo

    Braid will get you laid.

    Tournament winner photo caption: Get paid with Braid!