Bouncing jigs

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by Cheeks, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. Cheeks

    I booked a 5 day this June and hope to pull on some yellowtails and asst. tuna's. Just wondering at night (or during the day) While others are fishing bait on the bottom at Cedros Does anyone bounce heavy jigs? If so what's the likely hood of picking up a fish or two. Halibuts? Seabass? Groupers? What else? Dropper lopp can be some what boring and i do love fishing the lure. Anyone is the heavy plastics on the bottom?
  2. saltwaterfish

    bring some salas 6x and 6x jr's drop down and turn the handle!
  3. garrironman

    5 day trip in june is prime time for yellowtail. the islands at that time are green,and full of should have a blast fishing the metal bars.try wax wing on bass gear.good luck also,take hooks off jig, watch yellows chase jig and take turns eating it.
  4. backlashjack

  5. Lake

    I was at Cedros one time and I was trying to coach a kid on his yo yo technique. He just wouldn't reel fast enough. So on one drop he gets a 30# halibut. I had to shut up. He still didn't get any yellows on the yo yo.