bottom fishing for uku

Discussion in 'Hawaiian Fishing Forum' started by wadesauto, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. wadesauto

    what's a good depth and bait to use for uku?
  2. fatguywithgun

    ill keep that to myself:)
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  3. Evan808

    Thanks a whole lot for nothing fat guy. Aside from that Wade, out of Kauai I like to fish using about 3 sets of float fishing for uku. I like to start out on the 35 fath with a pair of floats tied to 20 fath of rope attached to a banana lead then with about another 5 fath of 200# flouro and baited with whole bite size opelu or akule. Throw the rigs overboard, drink beer, bottom fish, and wait till the float sinks signaling gametime. If no bites, bust out the shallower rigs and go closer in. I even get lucky catching onos, koshibis, and kawakawas with this rig.
  4. LundieF

    why even post this?
  5. wadesauto

    thanks. i'll give that rig a try.
  6. beauchat

    I thought the same thing my self. fishing tips for you.
  7. hb1111

    some people are just selfish...the kind of guy would leave you floating dead in the water and drive by
  8. drew2578

    Like Evan said start around 35f. I use a rig similar to him as well so it must work pretty well. No forget palu... the magic fish caller. :) Almost any bait that is bite sized will work... for me I usually stick to akule and opelu as well, but I've done well with Ika and small moana's as well. Finding a good stop takes time, but once you find um you stay golden. Good luck and post some Uku pics when you get um.
  9. Blesum

    Well, first I make sure I'm in at least 75' of water, and then I throw a shiny spoon in front of me. Sometimes one shows up, sometimes one won't. Oh wait, this isn't a diving forum? :rofl:

    I've never caught one on a pole and line before. I can at least post a pic so my post wasn't a waste of space like FatGuy's...


  10. shinchan

    Whereever you can catch weke ula, the uku will be around. I usually start inside shallow (when you can just see bottom) and catch a few moana or small weke ula with damashi/curly tails and put 'em in a 5 gallon bucket to keep them alive. By the time the boat drifts out, I have the moana rigged up with a circle hook in the head, about 3-4 spans of at least 80 lb test (125 lb better) to the swivel and enough lead so it stays down. Then drop it to the bottom slowly so it doesn't tangle and then crank up about 10 ft or so and leave it in the pole holder. As the boat drifts the moana will be swimming off the bottom and something will find it, usually uku or omilu but sometimes ulua, kahala or shark and the pole will bend down, the reel zings and the fight is on! If your boat is drifting too fast use a parachute.
    Hope this helps.
  11. wadesauto

    thanks guys. hope to get out there the week after ahi fever