Boston Big Game Fishing Club Monster Shark Tournament

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    Michael Pierdinock's "Perseverance" team good luck at the Boston Big Game Fishing Club Monster Shark Tournament continues! Last year the "Perseverance" team tagged a 16 ft female Great White shark. At that time only 19 Great White Sharks had been tagged in the North Atlantic to date, see attached photo. The charter included a group of anglers from Michigan and Mass. We took 1st place in the tag and release category and beat over 100 other boats with the"Perseverance" team and Ed Popso tagging and releasing the most sharks. We caught two small makos and lots of blue sharks on Local Hooker Rods acid wrap rods and Okuma Makaira 80's and 30 reels and Cavalla 50 reels. Bill Flannery from Marshfield was the mako king for the weekend with one of the makos going ballistic providing us with aerial displays that was all caught on video . The initial acrobatic display almost resulted in the mako landing in the cockpit. We even fought the blue sharks on spinning rods.


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