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  1. Nappo

    Thinking of going to BOLA May/June - We'd need 2-3 pangas - Any suggestions on skippers, contact numbers and also places to stay would be appreciated.
  2. margarita jim

  3. 4baja

    igor and his dad are great but pricey. for a little more then half the price you could get dios pangas and be a little less crowded on the boat. most of the pangeros are great thou and no need for reservations on dios boats. you will have to get reservations on igors boats thou. by the way may-june is a great time for surface yellows and you cant go wrong that time of year.
  4. Mia

    Daggett's is another option. He's got a new website:


    He's got two pangas; you'll have to contact him for prices, but I hear he's pretty reasonable.
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  5. BloodyL

    For a super panga Igor and his father

    Regular panga Raffa or Joel
  6. chitoy69

    X2. I agree with those choices as well. I believe I have their contact info somewhere, i will try to send them to you soon.

    By the way when exactly are you going? Im going memorial day weekend...cant wait.
  7. Nappo

    Thx for all the info - we're planning end of May - first of June - waiting for a few northern guys to commit. Chitoy69 - are you towing your boat or ....
    PM me ...maybe we can hook up and caravan or have a cerveza down there.
  8. baaadlybent

    I should be there 5/27 to 6/5. Good yeller time. If you want the big pangas you better reserve them fast, if they are even available. There are usually a good number of gringos down there for the tournament and the nicer pangas (Igor, Dagget) will get busy. I'm the ugly guy on this boat.

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  9. Grand Grouper

    Call Ontero at Casa Diaz. From the states: 011-52-200-1249112
  10. Chicomalo

    I'm heading down there the first or second week of May. I usually take my boat down but when I don't, Raffa has always done a good job.
  11. margarita jim

  12. mswifty

    Any recent reports from Bahia de Los Angeles? I'm going May 20-30