BoLA is the greatest place EVER..

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by musbdluv, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. musbdluv

    We headed out Saturday morning (7/23) leaving Riverside at 6am headed for BoLA. After way to many stops and getting separated from the rest of the caravan in San Quintin, my crew decided to soldier on by ourselves and find this place they call Bahia de Los Angeles.

    We finally arrive at about 9:30pm and let me tell you that the warnings about driving there at night are 100% accurate. Cows and stuff crossing the highway make for interesting real life frogger games. I swear at some point we dodged 4 in a matter of 3 miles. We get to town and are able to get our radios to connect with the other cars in the caravan and we all meet up and head to Villa de Bahia.

    DAY -1 We meet up at the launch ramp at 5am and we are riding on the Heidi II with Poncho as our captain. We take about an hour to make bait (some of the biggest bait fish i've ever seen) and we head out to the spot. We arrive and one of the other boats in our group had three poles bent over and we hurry up and get some line in the water. Finish 40lb dropper loop i get bit soon as i hit the bottom. Now I've caught yellowtail in San Q all the way up to Catalina and I know you guys warned me but DAMN these things in BoLA are on some time of steroids. I get this fish up to the boat and I'm expecting a 50lb the way it was fighting and it was only 22lbs. Bait back up and get back down and I get rocked before I could blink. Happens to the two other guys on our boat too and we all retie. Capt moves the boat a few times but no other bites. We move on and start to head out away from the other boats. Capt Poncho sees some Dorados jumping and we head over to a paddy and I swear it looked like hundreds of Dodos swimming. We toss in live bait setups and WHAM all three hooked up with yours truly getting a nice Bull and he was MAD. He didn't put up much of a fight before I got him in the boat and before i could really get my second bait in the water that good i was on again. We did this non stop for 40min of non stop action. Our captain told the rest of the fleet when we had 6 on board and by the time the first two boats showed up we had 20 in the cooler. We literally ran out of room on the boat and had to go in. We were back at the docks before 10:30 with a cooler full of Dorado all in the 9-18lb range and we had lost about 6 others.

    DAY - 2 We meet up same time and head right out to make bait. Found a nice spot and had the bait tank full quick fast and in a hurry and we head out for more adventures. We pull up at a boat that was killing the Dorado and the captain looks at us and he's like you don't want no more Dorado? We tell him know and he's like ok cool and we motor out past the volcano to a spot (I forget the name) and we stop at about 220 feet. Brought the 65lb dropper loop out and BAM hit on the drop. We fished this one spot for about an hour and pull up 12 nice yellowtail all in the 22-30lb range and they all fought like they were 50lbers to us. Had one even snap a rod in half. Back in by 11 am due to full coolers again.

    Ended up leaving on day 3 instead of fishing due to a death in the family, all in all it was an outstanding trip even without the third day and i will be there again. I'm waiting to hear what the guys that stayed the extra day did but I know all 5 boats have coolers full of yellowtail and dorado.

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  2. Gil Marlin

    I love that place...
  3. catmagic

    You may want to check the limits. I believe it's 2 Dodo's /day per person

    Regardless, Great Job
  4. dang 8521

    You took my thoughts and put them down before I could get them formed in my head catmagic. I have seen the fishing go way downhill here in SQ and part of the reason is 4 to 6 party boats from San Diego anchored at San Martin Isla for four days loading up on huge calicos. There is a limit to the number of fish taken in Mexican waters.
  5. pfish

    Dorado. YT. And a Ballena in hand to boot! Nice report. I will be there in 3 weeks myself with the family. Any chubascos roll up on you?
  6. wjurls

    It was a great trip! But who is that good looking guy with the Dorado on the gaff?
  7. Camiseta

    Posting pics of overlimit fishing will be the end of it for all of us. Knock down your hook barbs and try releasing a few before you limit out. Posting overlimit pics is as dumb as those idoits in Vancouver who posted their pictures on Facebook with the goods they stole from the stores during their hockey riot. Over 400 went to jail for felony stupidity. Thumbing your noses at the Federailies is not a good or smart thing to do - especially when you post the evidence for everybody to see.

    Your title says it all - BOLA is the greatest place ever. This was your first trip there. It was great because the guys who fished it before you didn't try to clean it out. Do your part to make sure it is a great for the next guy.
  8. fishshirts

    You seem a little confrontational. If you keep jumping on people's case's you won't last long on this forum. I'm just sayin. I agree about the limits and protecting the Baja but we're trying to keep it friendly on here so every time someone posts it won't turn into a battle. Glad the guy's had a good trip
    and shared it on here. Once again there is a lack of enforcement so we have to obey the rules on our own. Peace.
  9. robertebaker

    Well said!
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  10. mafrancis66

    I fished BOLA for the first time in 1979 and made several trips there through the mid '80s. Many people on this board may remember when BOLA was fished out by the commercial fisherman and it took a very long time to rebound. BOLA is a great place and I hope to go there again someday soon. In the meantime, it is up to all of us to make sure we obey the limits throughout Baja, so we can continue to enjoy this amazing fishery.
  11. baaadlybent

    Dorado migrate to LA Bay. Overfishing them has no impact to the Bay itself. Except it may reduce the number of fish the commercial guys get! Still, the limit is two per day per angler.
  12. 4baja

    it is up to the fisherman to make sure they are legal to fish in mexico. if you are in a registered(or none registered) mexican boat in mexico make sure you have a valid fshng lic.( and all people on the boat)you will be fined and most likely not the pangero. if you have a usa registerd boat all passengers must have a lic. if you have fishing gear on board or your boat can be confiscated for a fine. go. i wouldnt be to harsh on these guys as maybe there were a few more people then we know. BOLA to me is the best but in the winter can be windy and cold and not very inviting but thats another story.
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  13. 1 Ola Mas

    i'm trying to get the better half on her first dorado. we been to la bay but it was too early a couple years ago. what does a lancha cost to go outside? do i need to bring sabikis or do the lanchas have them?

    30# for the dorados and 80# for the YT/cabrilla on the bottom sound right? it's what i have spooled right now so i'm just asking. and what kind of weight to get the bait down to the bottom?

    mil Garcias!
  14. wjurls

    Ola Mas, 30# is fine for the Dodo's. I used my 20 lb rig for a good sized one and it took some time to bring it in. As for the big yellows down deep. I was using a 100lb rig and had one go in the rocks and snap the 5/0 hook off the dropper loop. Another member of our trip had a rod snap. 80 lbs should work. A couple guys had sucess using 40 and 50lb but it was work! Bring lots of 12oz torpedo's and various large hooks. You will need to bring your own Sabiki's. For the haters up in here. There were 12 of us on that trip!
  15. johndtuttle


    It is my understanding that the limit for Dorado in Mex waters was set at 2 per Angler per day because gringos were busting down and killing huge numbers of fish in days gone by...

    Now, we can debate the logic of doing that on a short-lived extremely fast growing pelagic until we are blue in the face (and just who and what lobbied for that reg) but bear in mind that an abuse of Mex Regs can end fishing for Tourist Fisherman entirely. We have our own obligation to preserve the opportunity for us to visit and fish there, and following the rules is part of that.

    OP I have fished wfo Dorado plenty of times too, letting most of 'em go tastes just as good my friend :). Glad you had a great trip and now you know why Baja is worth preserving so that future guys and gals can enjoy the same stoke. :)

  16. PescadorJim

    No, the commercial guys are not allowed to harvest or sell Dorado. There is some under the cover stuff that happens as witnessed by videos that have been shot in Guaymas area, but in the Santa Rosalia area, I know of squid fishermen who have had boats confiscated and sold for coming in with Dorado on board.

    We have been very actively involved with stopping the legalization of commercial Dorado fishing this year, and so far it looks like it has been taken off of the table due to the huge amount of negative publicity that happened.
  17. BajaBass

    Two a day is plenty of meat for the freezer! The wife and I can eat for two weeks on a 30lb dorado! Use circle hooks, and single hooks on trolling lures, Raps, Yozuris. Much easier to release.
  18. musbdluv

    We did release a lot, and did use the circle hooks but a lot of them were not even hooked in the mouth. They were down deep in the belly. It was my bad for not knowing ahead of time the limits on Dodos out there. I knew it was 2 in California and our captain told us it was 5 there but I see now that was incorrect.

    We did have a great time and everyone made it back in one piece. We did have one truck load go back thru San Felipe and had a blow out on the dirt road but he said outside of that, it's faster, maybe we'll try it next year. I would like t thank all those who answered questions about gear (line / weights) etc. I really appreciated all of the info. You guys still didn't tell me how hard those YT hit though. I'm a big dude and my arms were sore for 2 days after. All in all an excellent trip.
  19. ##1Bayrunner

    Man I can't wait to be there !!!! leaving 9-3 !!!
  20. voodoocaptain

    Doug, I think you have just a little too much time on your hands right now...sending you a message to your email muy pronto...Alan