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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by 4baja, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. 4baja

    me and my wife kicked ass today on the yellows. went to partida on a reef 105 feet and all the yellows you want. nothing big but limited by 10 am. went to snake island after and got spanked by the yellows. forst hit never stopped it and broke of trying to keep it off the reef. caught a few yellows and then went trolling for do-dos for nothing. water was 83 and glass. will try to send some pics but hard when you leave the camera on the boat. wonderfull day with the wife and a fish hold full of fish . will post tomorrow if i can remember to get that dam camera off the boat. allso lots of white bonita if your into that but im not. another day in the bay is great(i think my truck is broken boss and i cant come home) and we will hit south la guardia in the morning again. adios
  2. aguachico

    glad to hear you are braving the heat. Good luck.
  3. Kevin J. Oliver

    nice, I want to be sweaty and smell like fish .....
  4. shuttle

    Thanks for the report. I'm head'n to squito on Sat.
  5. pfish

    How is the diesel situation in LA Bay?
  6. Bottom Line

    They didn't have any the last week of June but were expecting some...
  7. madrugador

    good talking with at the island and congrates on the grouper we are all ready booking next years trip hope to see you down there again chad
  8. Hard at Play

    Nice talking to you. We end up getting some YT South of the big Island and also 2 small Dorado South of Partida under some floating stuff.
    Diesel was good at BOLA. Ensenada had penty but giving out only $30.00. Some places around San Quintin were out. El Rosario had penty. I carried a 5 gal can filled just in case. Catavina had some out of 50 gal drums.
  9. 4baja

    thanks chad and ray, that was a fun trip. back now after allmost loosing my kicker moter on the LA freeway but thats another story. ray i didnt see you after that first day, i knew there were dorado out there. will post a full story tomorrow.