BOLA 6-7,8

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by richpride, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. richpride

    My group of 4 got to BOLA on Wed. and stayed at Campo Daggetts (geat place would recommend) and fished 2 days with Igor. On Thur. we got to the Guilermos and met Igor and found out that he would not captain the panga because of a bad back. We went out on Igor'S Panga captained by Martin, we made bait and off to Angel de la Guardia. Tried a high spot and we got 1 yellow 18# and a few cabrilla so off to the next spot I think called La Culebra and it was on. First my buddy got a 35# broomtail grouper and for the next couple of hours we boated 16 yellow's 34#-40#. We lost maybe 5 fish even one that broke off 80# line. We were done for the day and headed back for some fresh cabrilla on the grill with rice and beans and home made salsa. The next day Igor took us out and decided to roll the dice for some WSB but they were not home but still boated 4 yellow"s and lost 5 that took us to the rocks. This was the first trip to Bola fo all of us and I can say that it is a place you must visit. The weather was in the high 80"s and water temp 72. I will load pic's later, thanks to all who gave me tips on BOLA. Make sure you take nothing less than 50#.
  2. La Pesca

    Great trip Rich, see u next year for another trip to BoLa. Thanks again to all the BDs for the recommendations, Also we used 7/O circle hooks for any of those heading to BoLa.
  3. bobrehfuss

    Glad you guys had a good trip. I'm leaving on Friday and that's just the kind of report I wanted to hear!!
  4. TsTime

    They pull hard, thx for the report, 5 days and counting
  5. mafrancis66

    4 days and counting for me!!!!
  6. eljurel

    4 days and counting