Discussion in 'Northern California Fishing Reports' started by justinw, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. justinw

    I usually do this twice a year, next weekend I am doing my annual spring crab fest at bodega. I'm not quite as hardcore as Pence here is, but I run a little string and we do alright. My current boat isnt what I would call up to the task of running on the big water. Anyhow, I was thinking of heading over to tomales for some shark action. I know SF bay is washed out right now but tomales should be just fine. I've fished whites gulch before but anyone have any other nice tips on fishing tomales for leopards? There is always the debate over squid vs. cut bait vs. live bait. Do you prefer the incoming or outgoing tides? I've always fished the outgoing.
  2. Aquahero3

    The bay is fine right now. I would go drop a pic in the south bay, the sturgon have been bitting pretty good, my buddy got 2 the other day in like an hour.

    You can catch sharks in the deeper water spots... and even a few as bycatch from the sturg.

    Its a decent time for crab the spring bite is picking up a little and theres a pretty good amount of sport crab out there. If you work the outside (35 plus fathoms) half of them are even commercial grade.

    Good luck and let me know how ya do..