Discussion in 'Hawaiian Fishing Forum' started by Diesel II, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. Diesel II

    Anyone know a local vendor that I can have windows and a door made for my project boat (40') Pacemaker.....
  2. Why

    what kind of windows are u looking for??? Like plexiglass???
  3. Diesel II

    I want PG slide windows....
  4. Why

    This is a shop in kalihi its either called plexiglass hawaii or plastics corp...
  5. CMonster01

    Min Plastics (847-1511) is good with project type work, but they are not the cheapest. I have them fabricate light fixture covers that are not made anymore, so plex sliders should be simple for them. You can also try Hawaii Plastics Corp. (841-3358). They are usually cheaper, but have limited opening hrs (they may wind up operations) and tend to refer to Min for complex shaping. Both are located close to each other. HPC is on eva bound side of Dillingham between King St. and HCC, across from the Aloha gas station (close to the women's shelter). Min is by the women's shelter side of the street, first left after the shelter at the end of the street. Hope that helps.
  6. Diesel II

  7. navyaircrew

    Hey Steve... how is the boat coming along?? You get your motors from the big island isntalled???
  8. toddbersuch

    plexiglass scratches very easy. lexan is a stronger material. on most bigger boats with sliders laminated glass is used
  9. kapnd

    Hey Diesel, how about some pics of your project? I have heard good things about that hull, would like to see it!