Boat scammer on Craigslist

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by pierguy, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. pierguy


    The above listing is a scammer, but another fishing forum caught on to this guy.

    E-mail him and see what he says, it's funny...act like you're really interested.

    Use a different e-mail address in case this guy goes nuts from everyone e-mailing, lol!!
  2. CamHat

    How is he trying to scam you? Could you post the email he sent you? I want to see what kind of trickery this guy is trying to play haha.
  3. pierguy

    The price is $2800 (with the trailer and everything in the pictures included).
    This boat is in great condition,basically new and it will make you proud,always been covered or garaged since new,
    Hull ID Number: BUJ34121C404, clean and clear title,no mechanical problems,all functional and it will need nothing in the near future.
    I have the boat sealed at DAS terminal in Indianapolis, IN ready to be shipped out will take 4-5 days through DAS and it will be free,my previous buyer(his loan did not get approved)already paid for it and DAS didn't want to refund him the shipping fee.
    I cannot meet face2face I have a new job in Tucson, AZ I would like to use Autotrader Vehicle Purchase to take care of this deal, smooth and safe. Let me know if you have any other questions, hope i didn't miss anything.
  4. Fishbones

    PA numbers instead of CF numbers. Long drive to pick her up.
  5. dennisrld

    :hali_olutta: I just sent him my $2,800.....too good to pass up. I sure hope I don't get screwed on this like I do everything else..
  6. dapooltec

    If it doesn't go Dave I will line up behind you.
    My Butt hole could use some stretching.............
  7. pierguy

  8. Grand Grouper

    I had someone try something like that with rental property. These guys clone the orgiinal ads on Craig's List and offer someones else's deal at prices to good to be true. Check and see if he is registered with Auto Trader Vehicle Purchase. Good luck...
  9. Lou W

    The pics of that boat sure are not from SoCal
  10. pierguy

    I sent this Bozo another e-mail (did not use my real e-mail address), he replied with the same one as posted above earlier, so I asked him about using Auto Trader, here's his reply:


    Here is how it works if you have never used Autotrader.
    You send me your full name and your shipping address so I can initiate the transaction.Autotrader contacts you with further details regarding the payment and shipping process.You submit the payment to Autotrader, Autotrader confirms the payment and asks me to release the shipment.I ship the boat which should be at your door within 5 business days.You have a 3 days inspection period before you confirm the deal and Autotrader forwards the payment to me or you cancel the deal and you get your money back and return the boat free of charge.
    Basically Autotrader holds your money safe until you confirm that the boat is what you have been expected and you want to buy it. It is not a sight unseen deal.
    On the other hand I can ship the boat knowing Autotrader has your money and you won't disappear with my boat. We are both covered.Sorry for the long emails I have tried to touch all bases.


    So I called Auto Trader and asked about their payment plan arrangements, guess what?

    The AT guy told me "it's a scam, please don't follow the scammer's instructions and they ONLY deal with the actual items for sale, never anything to do with payments, use Paypal or other forms of payment, but don't mail a money order or cashier's check".
  11. invictus

    Craig's list is onto his antics, keep pulling the post. Right up there with the Nigerian check swindle!
  12. Upper Deckz

    They do that same BS with cars... But used Ebay auto as the scammer to send the money too. Never wire money....
  13. shoreline ind.

    Get a life! What are you calling to arms all the BD guys just to "F" with the guy. If not not interested in what he has move on. Why put on the fake and waste his time more importantly your own. This kind of crap feels like High School.
  14. Tues

    I would recommend taking your own advice....
  15. tuna taxi

  16. phingst

    Sounds like interstate wire fraud.
  17. Jaydog

    Why don't you get a fucking life! %99 of your posts you're being a complete asshole, who the fuck do you think you are? I seriously doubt you will get any welding business off this site with your shitty attitude.

    This thread was started to WARN fellow fishermen of an internet scammer, as in this guy is a fraud trying to rip someone off!!! Do you get it?