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  1. OciferDave

    I see the helpful educational threads by Dave Hansen as well as guys complaining about some clueless boaters and I feel a need to explore a uniform code of etiquette.

    I feel that I am somewhat qualified to talk on this because of my many years fishing the Channel Islands and a subsequent move to Dana Point, where there is a glaring difference in number of boats and the lack of fishing / boating etiquette that comes with it. When you fish all day and see but a few boats you rarely experience the rude or rather clueless behavior that comes with lots of boats in an area. So ....on to common base denominators (please feel free to correct or add):

    1. Wide berth for fellow boaters who are drifting or especially on anchor ( whats wide? .... same that you would want for yourself ..simple)

    2. Don't anchor too close and certainly not in another boat's chum line
    (what's close? .... above rule applies)

    3. No useless banter on 16 .... hailing and distress ONLY .... rather simple but constantly ignored.

    4. For the offshore crowd .... cut the theatrics on 72. We all know you been drinking and have clever things to say ...DONT do it on the radio. you are ruining it for others who need the channel to get it done.

    5. General politeness and courtesy would be nice.... with that said, the same people that would be rude and uncouth on land will certainly be the same on the water .... oh well ... hope springs eternal ......
  2. Blackfish

    6. When you see a boat fishing, and is on the hook, don't pass between them and the kelp line (even if they are fishing 50 to 100 yards off the kelp), or better yet, never pass them at the stern, always pass them at the bow, with PLENTY of room...IMO, 100 yards min.

    7. Try and be aware of what your wake can do....I've been guilty of this a time or two. :D

    8. 27 is for radio checks, not 16. If ch27 (seatow designated radio check channel) is not in your location, and you must do a radio check, 72 or 68, but not 16.
  3. Reel hip

    Good points. For the most part they will be ignored, unfortunately. The same people that commit won't see this as them. I also have had sportboats do excactlly what they don't want us to do. You do get an A for effort. Nice try
  4. PacificPredator

    Well stated, Dave.
    I'm always amazed by the amount of clueless idiots on 16. Seriously, people.
  5. outland

    9. If you see someone who looks lost see if they need help. Some people may never learn but it may pay you forward down the line.

    I know the first time I launched a boat on my own a guy I had never met gave me loads of advice at the ramp and even helped be back it down for the first attempt. I will never forget that.
  6. 10. The launch ramp is not the place to put your plug in, put your fenders on, load your fishing gear, put the bimini top up, or anything else other then immediately back your boat into the water. All the above should be done before you approach the ramp. Also, after you launch, get your boat to the back of the dock to make room for other boaters and get your truck and trailer off the ramp ASAP.

    I'm glad I don't launch anymore.:D
  7. Russianhook

    Dima who the hell stepped on your toes? Show them to me, I have AK47 and not afraid to use it..
  8. Mikieb

    #1 rule on my boat is don't hit any rocks.
  9. chevydeuce

    I'm far from an experienced boater, but I've been driving trucks for years, so to this one I would add;

    When loading/unloading the boat, make sure whomever you have driving the truck/trailer combo knows how to back a trailer up...hell, if you have to, ask another boater to back your rig in...I've seen people (male, female, kid, adult, didn't matter) try multiple times and just can't do it, or at least not under the pressure of having hundreds of eyeballs watching and waiting for you to get in and out in a relatively quick shame in asking for help if you don't know what you're doing.
  10. Blackfish

    Worth saying it again!

    11.And if you use the wash downs at Dana Point, please park so that you are only taking up one stall, and your truck is not blocking the pathway...if you can't do this, then clean and flush your boat at home. :)

    12. Also, when you launch your boat, don't leave it at the first tie of cleat. Walk it back to the end of the dock, so the next boater can either launch, or pull his boat out.
  11. Mainphrame

    What channels do people use when fishing? Any pointers? All I know is that channel 16 is for emergencies.
  12. Trayscool

    If you are fishing around that many other boats on anchor then YOU ARE IN THE WRONG SPOT LOL

    If you are on channel 72 and you are "trying to get it done" you ARE ON THE WRONG CHANNEL LOL
  13. Blackfish

    channel 11 for squid boats, bait receivers, shuttle boats (like at Catalina)

    ch. 9 harbor master

    72, 68, communicating with other boaters,
  14. whitecap72

    #1 No Bonanas on board!
  15. phingst

    # 13 Always check the weather report. NOA.
  16. @-EZ

    :eek: Since when?


    I hate that shit!
  17. Northeastfshman Advertiser


    Ok i'm finished
  18. OciferDave

    I love it .... you can take a Russian out of Russia but you cant take Russia out of a Russian ..... We are all the same :)

  19. spize909

    Put your plug in...........before launching. Wish I'd have thought about that. I hate to admit it but I forgot that one with two different boats. After doing it the first time (first boat, maybe 2nd time launching) I swore to myself, "that'll never happen again".:smoking33:
  20. BurningHeart

    Would a good rule be make sure you know how to operate a boat before you launch?