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Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Wahzoo, Apr 14, 2005.

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  1. Wahzoo

    Got back from Florida with my new/used boat a week and a half ago. The Boat yard I use was full-up, so I parked it in my driveway. One of my neighbors sends me an anonymous letter, apparently a copy of the one they sent to the city, complaining about my GW 265. In the letter they call my boat a "Monstrosity!". I never intended to use my driveway as boat storage as I have a slip at the Hyatt in MB. Just there waiting for space to open up in the boat yard.

    Why can't people mind there own fucking business??? Instead they wanna be code enforcement officers.

    Now I'm gonna get up at 0630 on Saturday and run my 2 stroke 250HP outboards for about an hour. I'm gonna do some of the work I was going to have the boat yard do myself, in my driveway, then I'm gonna run the motors some more. Then I'm gonna do the same shit on Sunday morning. I may leave the boat in my driveway till the tuna show up now. Whats the city gonna do fine me? Do it, fine me, I'll pay the shit and put about 100 more hours on my motors and never leave the house. Hell I may even get up at midnight and run those loud, loud fuckers in my robe till the cows come home.

    How do you like me now you rotten fuckin non-fishing asswipers...

    After the dust settles, I'm painting my house fucking PINK!
  2. bertram31

    Good for you is what i say.I cant stand people who only have enough time in their lives
    to always meddle in other people stuff.I really like the midnight runs in the robe.

  3. baja_driver

    imagine how sweet it would be if you ever find out who....the possiblities.
  4. shinerunner

    Fire those motors up every morning at o600
  5. jimb517

    Ever see "Up in Smoke"? They had a Harley in their living room with straight exhaust run through the wall to the outside. Used to fire it up to annoy the neighbors. Funny shit, man.
  6. Wahzoo

    But no, whoever sent it is a Coward for not talking to me about it and the SOB sent it from another city. It's a shame, but all must pay for that one rotten bastard...
  7. how2fish

    I think you should invite as many truck owners that you know to come and park on the street when you start to work on your boat. :) Just so we can all stand around and drink beer as you are running the motors.

    What else can we do?

    Maybe a tailgate party on your street :)
  8. Fishin4Life

    My neighbors hate me for cutting fish and starting my dirtbike to load it up on the truck.
  9. Surfdoc

    Sounds like a great plan to me......

    If it was sent to the city, it has to be signed by the person making the complaint..

    So fuckem.... I say drop the bathrope... wear a thong at 0600 Sunday morning... put a boombox on your rig to drown out the engine noise...

    Just a thought..
  10. 7raptor

    i'll send my neighbor who uses his chainsaw at 6am over to help!!!
  11. Wahzoo

    I fell out of my chair thinking about that Rude E-tec commercial when I saw your response...
  12. In your driveway? That is BS. That is why I never could live with an HOA.
  13. radarman

    Get a Harley! Out in Lakeside if we get an anon letter we just shoot everybody in the neighborhood! New neighbors wisen up!
  14. Dos Locos

    That's what I'm talkin' bout right 'dere ya'll..........
  15. Kurt

    Chainsaw at 6 is a bad thing? GULP LOL I have some pink flamingos you may be able to borrow :D
  16. Gil Marlin

    or I'll send you another letter... LOL
  17. Wahzoo

    No HOA here, been there and done that... This is City of...