Boat Junkyards?

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by TeamGracza, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. TeamGracza

    I was wondering if there were any junkyards for boats,like a boat pick-a-part or a place where i can get a junk boat for cheap.I am looking for a new project boat to get some cash.So thanks for the help
  2. Bullshipper

    This is a good question.

    I don't have any good answers, but this might give you some leads.

    Local boat storage yards might sell stuff off cheap to recover unpaid rents.

    Cops and banks do repossesions

    You can put in the amount you want to pay in places like, Used Boats for Sale | A Boat Trader Directory of Yachts and Boats, Boat and Yacht Sales, Buy Boats and Yachts - and see what pops up.

    Then of course are the auction yards that handled all the damaged stuff for Katrina, but it can cost more to haul it than its worth lots of time.

    IMMEMSA sells bare mexican pangas that you can retrofit. A 26' runs $4200-
  3. TeamGracza

    Thanks for the info
  4. Fishrdan

    Try looking for a few non-profit charities in your area. There's one in Vegas within eye shot of the freeway and I see donated boats there all the time.
  5. Az.monkey

    Salvation Army in down town san dawg has 5 boats for sale or check out aquarius marine off mira mar rd ( just behind the wood store ) they have a grip of boats to cut up after they strip them

  7. Luhr'd Away

    What a great idea, a boat pick-a-part.
  8. fish is a fish

    Minnie's in Costa Mesa CA, lots of parts, good for hardware and stuff, also try Boat Angel, (affiliated with father Joe's)also[​IMG].com and look local.(lots of whalers cheeeep)
  9. fish is a fish

  10. Luhr'd Away

    I have been to Minnies and they have great deals on the available items. Mostly geared towards sailing!
  11. Humble Pie

    Holy cow...a jungle of t-tops...damn like a kid in the candy store:urno1:
  12. Luhr'd Away


    Where is Boat Angel?

  13. TeamGracza

    They sell most of their boats on ebay.They have locations all over the country some in so cal.
  14. Waiohinu Lawaia

    I'll sale you my 19'er for $1500 obo, got a Volvo Marine Engine that I don't have a clue whats wrong with it...

    Send me a PM if interested (gonna put it up for sale in a few days once I take some pics, gotta get it out of the Uncles house by the end of the month...
  15. southcoastmark

    Try the Boat Store in San Diego. They deal with alot of stuff like that.
  16. TeamGracza

    Thanks for the offer but i wanna spend under 500
  17. GoGo

    I know where there is a 1965ish old lobster boat for free! doesn't run. bring a trailer. pm me.
  18. TeamGracza

    I just need to find a trailer now

    One way is to travel the alleys and look for boats just sitting in backyards, obviously neglected and a lazy owner who doesn't give a *&#@$ about advertising it, but would sell it to the first guy who offers a little $...proven method
  20. fish is a fish