Blythe/Colorado River Grab Bag full o'fish

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing' started by Bukowski, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. Bukowski

    Well we ( Jonny Cabo and I ) finally made it down to Blythe, on the river, in Imperial valley to fish with my Dad. He is staying down there after recently recovering from acute leaukemia. Well recover is the wrong word he is in remission, most people his age, 77, don't stand a chance with this form of the disease. The fact that he was in great shape for his age meant they gave him a shot at chemo and life, as apposed to 3 to 6 weeks without chemo. Well the doctors, the chemo, his faith, his friends ( He had 11 in his hospital room when I showed up one day ) his family and whatever he has that has allways made him want to live and fish and laugh just pulled him through. So he is down where he grew up in Blythe hangin' with " the home town boys " which is a group of old friends in their 70s who fish and race quarter horses, drink bloody maries, search for gold in the desert, go out dancin, tell jokes and help each other get by at that age. So anyway we head down to visit the old bird and fish the backwaters of the Colorado. Cant say exactly where but you know the vicinity. Well it was a blast as usuall! Man I love it down there. I ended up being top dog with eight bass saturday up to four pounds ( released it ) kept five. Jon had one keeper and Dad two, plus some shortys let go. The boys are sick of watchin me on fire ( Gulp 7 in turtle back worm, bite off the top inch or so rigged to a custom bent Gamagatzu worm hook, six lbs vanish floro plus luck/skill? ) So Dad decides to go all everglades air boat on us, crashes through some tulies into his "crappie hole". Sure enough its a couple hundred foot long,open area five ft deep max. hidden back in the reeds.He ties on his crappie spinner jig thing, and first cast gets a blue gill. Gives one to Jonny to try, and Jon gets a couple nice size crappie. Too cool. Damn this is fun. I stay with worms for another bass, and just drink most of the beer, "You ladies enjoy your panfishin', hope your vaginas don't get chapped in this dry wind, tell me when you wanna man up and go fish for bass again" So anyway the wind comes up and we head back to town. Not really town but Dads friends farm, to fillet fish. The place is a little spookie. We saw fresh Chupacabra tracks one morning. Works done, lets walk over to the canal and wet a line. First cast with a Thomas Bouyant, BAM, smallmouth bass slams it! These fish are fun as hell! So catch a few of those, drink a few beers, warn Dad about the Chupacabra tracks we saw and hit the sack. Next morning go canal hoppin in the truck for a few more smallies and one largemouth, highlighted by Jons 17 inch, trophy smallmouth! (released) Whata fun time. Stopped in El Centro at Leti's on 4th ave for the best campenchanas(shrimp/octopus/oyster/avacadoetc,cocktail) You gotta try 'em. So thats it, long ass post I know, just wanted to kinda tell about my Dad and how much I love bein with him. Pat.

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  2. 1:11

    awesome trip. gotta love the colorado river and all its lakes. It hurts the brain to imagine the shear number of fish in the system. Glad you had a great time with your dad.
  3. Barefoot Ahab

  4. Barefoot Ahab

    REFORMED egomaniac?? Pat, tell your dad I love him! Can't wait to go fishin' with you all soon. I have my own Chukacabra at home....when she lets me go with you, I'll let you go!
  5. reelnaclt

    Thanks for the report. Glad to hear your dad is kicken ass. I'm leaving tomorrow for cibola/palo verde area. Any stripers showing yet?
  6. Bukowski

    I dont know about the stripers, I talked to Mexican guy, his son was casting a net for blue gill in the drain ditch, he said its time for stripers in the river in broken english,but not sure if he is getting them right now. Good luck down there.
  7. WAR

    That was really cool.
  8. ib12fish

    nice fish trying to make a trip down to the river between trips.
  9. Fishrdan

    Thanks for the report, nice looking crappies and bass there!
  10. barracuda Killer

    nice report, thanks for sharing
  11. 1:11

    Forgive me if i dont remember from your post, but were you fishing the bank or boat?

    How is the water level?

    Where do you, or Tommy, fish? Do you just park and move around on foot. Where exactly are the canals? I looked on google maps, from the arials i saw some staight shots of water, looks obviously man made, doglegs, was that the canals ?
  12. Bukowski

    Good morning. I'm sure local maps have canals on them, but once you are in the agraculture areas you can't drive too far without crossing one. In Blythe the main ones are C and D. They are pretty cold coming out of the river thus the predominance of smallmouth. As they travel further away they warm up and produce more largemouth. At least thats my theory. You can drive the ditch roads on each side and just stop at structure or bridges. There are also drain ditches. They collect the run off from irrigating the fields. They are usually lined with brush and move very slowly. They have catfish,carp, bass, bluegill but they say don't eat the fish as may have high polution risks, but people do anyway. Then there are backwaters, these are are fed by the river but not part of the main fast moving channel. Some are accesable from the river by boat some are only accesable by trailer on dirt roads but you mainly fish from boats as the are ringed with reeds. Canoes and belly boats are great for backwaters. Good luck, ask around. It will be getting HOT before long.
  13. Sluester

    Thanks for the report!
    I'l be heading down that way soon. I like the hot weather!