Bluefins off the Producer

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by matrixx611, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. matrixx611

    on a 1.5 day trip. They are seeing alot of life off keps!
  2. Shogunsc4

    I think these are the bft boats had been seeing and not biting for the past 3-4 weeks...
  3. ycnibrc

    I have a feeling that September will be so hot and wide open, everybody sign up and go, every boat will be over load and we all get tangle up on the rail and no one will catch any fish.....
  4. jiggyn

    eh still no fish
  5. fishndude

    great report,give us an update when somebody actually catches something.
  6. bigpoppa

    I'm hearing of some nice size bluefin being caught off the 220 area. Real scratchy, nice fish though. Hopefully somethin turns around, my offshore gear is getting dusty!!
  7. garrironman

    start making your cod sinkers.season starts soon
  8. rockthewood

    Gotta go fishing to catch fish guys... We have 70 degree water off Del Mar. Have you looked out there?? Just read about someone catching a 30+ lb yellow off a kelp off Oceanside and he wasnt even looking for them. Wish I was still in SD so I could show people how to catch fish.

    You can not catch fish reading the internet....

    Go out on a boat, they need the business right now. Gotta support the industry even when it's tough.
  9. Jig Wiggler

    Ok, Thanks for the advise.
    I dont think anyone here has tried that yet.
  10. osidefishin

    now if we only knew what keps were mabye we would catch some fish:rofl:
  11. marlinmike

    yep herd it was tuff finding "keps" to fish today
  12. Surfdoc

    Wow............this is one fucking Pathetic thread. Even the insults suck.

    1 more day.
  13. squidly

    you can catch split tail tuna on the web.....
  14. TadyPaddy

  15. polfishski

    I want to catch fish hear about fish not about drama and bs where are the fish this is startn to look like face book or we can re name b decks fish book.
  16. Oingo

  17. Fishbones

    They saw Dorado too, not that it matters.
  18. moemoi

    The Endeavor caught 17 BFT on a 1 dayer (Aug 18). Fish are there, but the only other boats fishing were the seiners.
  19. Surfdoc

    I saw a 42# tuna........

    Go get you some!!!

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  20. TurdRoller

    One good trip is not good fishing. Not knocking the Endeavor, but one boat getting lucky once a week is nothing to get excited for. Hate to be the buzz kill, but I work on the Producer and it has been nothing less than maddening this summer. Motivated me to go back to school