Blue Marble

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Mark Fisher, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Mark Fisher

    G'day everyone,

    Finished this up today after my second go with the "SAP" wonder goo. Just starting to get the hang of things and with next few I'll start fooling around a little.

    Outback Rods

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  2. Scold

    Badass man. Eva grips?
  3. Owen

    You smashed it Mark! <br>
    Top shelf
  4. cloudman

    nice job
    about to try my hand at marbling
  5. FAT CAT

    Very nice Mark.
  6. JTrelikes

    Great job Mark!!
  7. Mark Fisher

    Thanks for your comments guys.
    Jon, yes the grips are inlayed EVA.
  8. Rodcrafter

    Nice one there.
  9. archer300

    very clean build really like the marbling
  10. Capt Richie

    Great lookin rod ..I love blue & white...
  11. Wiseguy

    Awesome looking rod. Everything looks great!
  12. flamekeeper

    nice work