Bloody Decks Crew On Shogun

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Mot's Sr., Jul 11, 2003.

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  1. Mot's Sr.

    The Bloody Decks crew on the Shogan are Rich (Purplehaze) Max (Spanish Mack) Tom (Bear)
    Greg (Mots) and Gregs 16 year old son Gregory.
    They left yesterday morning at 11 am for a three dayer. Just got a call from Rich, 11am Friday, and here are the counts as of this morning:
    Rich 7 albies
    Max 7 albies
    Bear 7 albies
    Greg 3 albies
    Gregory 3 albies
    All are in the 25-30 pound range
    they were just pulling up on some more and had to cut the conversations short and will call back later to update.
    weather conditions- warm, broken clouds, sea conditions-flat, didn't have water temps, they are presently 160 mile down.
    As I get more info, hopefully this afternoon I will update this post, and will have pictures when they return.

    If anybodys interested, the group that came in before this group had Bigeye, Bluefin, Yellows and albies, theres a good post on: they up date this every evening. they also have pictures of the days fishing.

    See Ya Later,

    Gary (Mot's Sr)
  2. TheShark

    Thanks for the update!!!
  3. Mstonefish

    Hope they get into those bigger models:D

    From the looks of it, Team Mots better get their butts in gear;) :D
  4. Mot's Sr.

    New update at 2 pm

    Boat has about 350 albies on board, our crew has about Limits each. Fish are about 10 feet from boat and taking anything you throw at them, bait, irons, etc. There going to call me in a couple of hours so I'll up date then.

    Mark, you took the words out of my mouth, thats what I told them this morning, however, I guess they caught up with the rest of them, Greg was having a little learning curve with Gregory but I guess there both on tract now. gunz gunz gunz gunz Gregory is anxiously awaiting his next hook up

    See Ya Later

  5. Mstonefish

    Gary, how many on board, 24-28? They are probably going to get their 3 day limits today for albies. :D

    Poor guys, guess they will have to spend all day tomorrow chasing the big bluefin;)
  6. Mot's Sr.

    Mark, I talked to Rich a couple of hours ago, he said they were moving off of the Albies and going for the bigger stuff, and they were going to move around in search of them. should hear from them around 6. Poor guys right, I feel so sorry for them:D :D
    There having a ball from what it sounds like, I guess little Greg is just worked out, this is his first trip like this and he didnt know what to expect, Rich said he is just draggen butLOL LOL
  7. Surfdoc

    Man this is bitchin! I love this up to the minute stuff!!! :D

    So none of them have a handheld GPS ??? those slackers.. they should be providing exact #'s with the reports! LOL

    Keep em coming!
  8. Mot's Sr.

    Got a call from the guys this evening, the boat is limited out (first day) on albies for the trip, there in persuit of other game for tomorrow. They have limits of albies on board.

    I'll get more tomorrow and post then.

    See Ya

  9. branman

    They are within range of the bigger BFT , I'm sure Norm or Rik will find um. ..... get out the 80# gear boyz!

    Thanks for the updates
  10. Mot's Sr.

    Just talked to the guys, heres an update, yesterday when they caught so many fish they were 12 miles off the coast adjacent to Colenet, (I dont know the spelling but you can figure it out) They said there were so many fish you could walk across them.

    This morning there trying to get down below the albies to catch some Big Eye and Blufin, but they cant get below to catch any.

    They were just stopping on yellows and they had to go, they will call back later. I'll post when they do.

    Gary 9:50 am Sat.

    Mark, there are 28 anglers on board, limits of albies
  11. Surfdoc

    Thanks for the update. Wonder if the heavy iron could get down to em.
    Did they say they were metering the bigger units under the schools ?
  12. Mot's Sr.

    Yea Stan, they said they just couldn't get down through the
    schools to the bigger fish, they were metering them. I told Rich to get a torpedo or submarine with some weight on it do get down through themLOL Last I talked to them they were in a bunch of yellow tail and having good hook ups. He said Greg caught a really nice one and he had to hang up becuse he wanted some of the action, He did'nt even say good by just said I got to go !!!!

    Next time I hear from them i'll give you a post, its now 11:20

    See Ya,
  13. Mot's Sr.

    12:15 There now getting into the Bluefin, four on board, Greg sofar has the largest fish a Bluefin, Gregory has the third largest, an Albie, There doing a lot of catch and release now as they all have there limits of Albies, the smaller Blufin are being released. They also have been catching some yellows

    Next call I will update

    See Ya

  14. Surfdoc

    Gary, this is great.. I feel like I'm watching a sports show... play by play!
    But I gots to tell ya, I'd be one pissed off dude listening to all this chatter and not being on the boat....gunz gunz
    Man I'm drooling right now thinking about all that great fishing!!!

    Oh and can't wait for the next bloody installment :D
  15. Mot's Sr.

    4:40 pm Sat: Team Mot's is out of the running for the jack pot, this afternoon they hooked up on some larger Bluefin, oh well thats fishing and there having a good time, There on there way back and heading in now. The weather is awsome and good sea conditions, no wind. Should be in tomorrow morning around 6 am.

    Have to tell you guys the reports I've been getting on the food is fantastic, first night they had Albacore, potatoes, veges, home made bread, icecream- next morning eggs, biscuits and gravy, lunch, meat loaf, mixed vegies, potatos, (or is that potatoes), mid day snack, brownies and icecream, dinner pork chops, and all the good stuff with it- lunch today, chicken sandwich platters, mid day snacks, tonight they are having ribeye steaks and all the fixens. Wooooooooooooow, I want to go on the next one for just the food there telling me about. They wont come home hungry for suregunz gunz gunz gunz there allready planning a five day trip. I'll be on that one. Any of you guys interested ???????

    Everybody seems to be pretty tired and beat up from just the workout, talked to my grandson, We call him Gurg, he said he didn't think he could pull in another fish, but then he said if he gets hit again he will be right there giving it a go. Its great to be young and on a trip like this.

    This is probably the last of this post. If I hear from them again, I'll let you know about it as soon as I hear it. thanks for all the replys.

    There going to post on the Shogun report tonight the pictures of Greg and Gregory with there fish, plus some others if your interested, go onto the Shogun site tonight.

    Cheers and See Ya,

  16. Mstonefish

    Sounds like a good time was had by all.
    I am considering doing a 5 dayer around this time next year, we could get a bunch of BD'ers to load the boat:D
    After your last post it was looking like Greg was going to win JP, so at least he got some nice fish.
  17. Mot's Sr.

    Mark, Ive talked to them before they left, there planning a 5 day sometime next year, that way it will give everybody enough time to pay for the trip, if some of the guys send in a payment every month then it wont be such a big hit when the time gets here to go. Sounds good to me. Talk to Greg when he gets back and see what we can do for the next trip.
  18. Reel In Good

    Thanks for all the upto date information on the trip. I tell ya if the price is right I may have to book a seat myself. Cant wait to talk to Max and find out all the details..... Thanks again Mots for the updates....
  19. branman

    Awesome dude thanks for the play by play. Those of you that are on the fence about long range have to go, you eat good, you fish around the clock, and it is a true trip of a life time.. BTW there are still spots on my 10 day in nov with me and MikeyLikesit :D
  20. byeye

    Great job on the up dates Gary. I know Greg is stoked his boy got so many. It sounds like a stellar trip for everybody. I've been looking at the Shogun site and they don't have any pics yet. It's great Rich has a sat. phone. Can't wait to see their pics, thanks for the excitement.....Mike.