Black seabass

Discussion in 'Spear Fishing Reports and Info' started by Holi-e-Mackeral, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. Holi-e-Mackeral

    A non fishing friend of mine saw a knucklehead spearfish a 100# pulse BSB off the beach I. laguna Beach last week. He flagged a CHP to call the DFG.. To no avail..

    I sure hope this guy was not a bloody decks member...

    If an angler or spearfisherman cannot tell the difference between species, he/she should not be in the water..

    Tight lines

  2. osidefishin

    The story goes that he shot the thing and tried to drive down on to the beach to pick it up and the lifeguards called F&G and they cited him...or something like that..Either way the guy is a douche bag...
  3. Saluki

    There is a thread up asking for donations to Marcus's defense fund.
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  4. rojodiablo

    While it is unfortunate, let's not forget that the diver did not know his fish ID. He was very new to spearfishing, and made a big mistake.

    I am not condoning it; but I will say that if you have ever seen a truly beast sized WSB in the water, well.... in dirty water like that, it is not difficult to see a dark tail in the kelp, and it can be hard to distinguish between a 70lb WSB and a 100lb BSB.
    Experience teaches us to wait for a better ID, but in the case of a new diver in dirty water??? Mistakes happen.
  5. Swarthy Dago

    i bet this costs him at least a grand for a fine
  6. Hooops

    Is there an unlike button or an "your out of your tree" button that I can press? Maybe the bsb had a hoodie on?
  7. Tues

    I just pee'd myself....:rofl::rofl:
  8. Saluki

    Garibaldi & Trigger fish look a like in the dark too. :D
  9. Carl

    Don't forget Opaleye...

    Just do what I do duck hunting. Shoot em all then sort em out ... :rolleyes:
  10. makohunterz

    OH SHIT, i just came back from a 3 miles run and was laughing so hard i seriously couldnt breathe, had to calm down before i passed out
  11. bassbagger69

    it is a felony because it is on the endanger spicies list he is lucky he did not have it in his truck they would have taken that to it is going to cost about 5g and time in the joint he will loose his fishing liscence to
  12. Holi-e-Mackeral

    I was quail hunting.. I swear that condor looked just like a big quail.. They are hard to tell apart when you are hunting at night..

    Actually, the damaged caused to the law abiding fisherman is the worst part of this.

    Ban him from fishing for life!
  14. wils

    Was that in an MPA?
  15. wils

    I call BS w/o pics.................
  16. 45king

    If you can't tell the difference between a fat fucking black seabass and a super long 70lb seabass then you shouldn't be fishing. Let alone take a fucking 5 foot speargun in the water with you.
  17. spun monkey

  18. Si Como No

  19. ynitro56

    No f'ng excuses. The decision making process was wrong period. If you don't know than don't shoot it.
    Don't make it complicated. It's a simple situation. The only correct statement is that it was a mistake.
    Life sucks and sometimes plp f up and need to learn the hard way. This is just part of natural selection.
    Assumption: (disregard this, just read the article the guy is 30yrs old) Thanks JR for the article.
    Saw the kids pic on the other dumb ass thread. He looks young so how did he get a speargun? I wouldn't buy my kid a weapon without proper training and education. At least it wasn't a surfer or another diver! That could have been involuntary manslaughter.

  20. wils

    what did he think it was after he got it on the beach?