Bird School Bay Bass - San Diego Bay 11-23-11

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by Lucky B, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. Lucky B

    Hey Guys. Heres our first video. Its a bit rough/amateur, but we're still learning the editing software and the on the water filming aspect of things. Enjoy some fun footage of Spotted Bay Bass in San Diego Bay. Thanks for viewing. The music is what it is. Some may like it, others may not. Its all I could come up with at the time. I will put more age appropriate music in, next time around.

    Heres another video!


    P.S. I do not know how to embed. Its just a link.
  2. Carl

    The "music" made me turn it off on your first cast.
    I'm not in your target audience demographic I guess.:D
  3. Lucky B

    Just mute it. Haha.
  4. Matt Moyer

    I love Hip Hop and Rap and for some reason it just doesn't go with fishing unless you find the perfect song. I would stick with Reggae or Jack Johnson. Thanks for sharing and good video.
  5. Lucky B

    Thanks for the advice Matt. Were still in the learning stages and all advice is

  6. junkyarded

    Ditto on the music, does nothing for You.
  7. Lucky B

    Ok. So the hip hop is out for future videos. Thanks for the advice. Moving

    on... What else guys? Good/bad? I value your guys opinion.
  8. rodngun762

    Nice first vid...thanks for posting it up. It's fun to document the day on the go pro or whatever you are using. The editing itself was pretty cool... but it was a little long. You may consider making two videos.... one to share with others and post to youtube that is a short "highlight reel" (1-3 min) and then another to keep for yourself with more detail. Not many people want to sit through watching 6:00+ of another person's fishing day unless it is ridiculously epic or informative footage.

    So when posting on youtube I like to cut the redundant footage. You're 17, probably going to be applying to college soon.... well you know on the application they give you some cheesy prompt for the short essay and say "use 200 words or less". so use 200 seconds or less to convey to us what your fishing day was like. What were the best catches of the day, the video captures with the best lighting, the funny blooper, etc.

    And no rap :shithappens: Seriously the song was called "N*ggas in Paris"??:rofl:

    Jack johnson is overplayed too :supergay:
  9. Lucky B

    Thanks Ryan. Good advice. The music, I know. Won't happen again. As for length. I plan to do more informative talking and commentary rather than straight fishing. Thanks again.


    P.S. I have already applied to the 5 colleges on my list, so that s over with.
  10. rodngun762

    Cool Brandon, looking forward to more videos.... don't take the music thing too hard, we all have different tastes and are just bustin' with you :)

    Applying to colleges is the worst! Glad you got through it, now time for more fishing.
  11. Baja Belk

    The video is what is it is, but next time, leave the heavy swim sticks at home and use some sporting tackle. Spotties are way more fun to catch on a trout rod and 4-6 lb test.
  12. gnarl_malone

    I like your boat. And hip hop.

    That shit cray!
  14. fishtrax

    I agree with Gnarl!!!!
  15. Fishin Foo

    ..what she order? fish fillet...

    what model Everglades is that?
  16. Lucky B

    Everglades 223cc
  17. basslayer

    super sick video
  18. Cheapo

    I thought the video was pretty cool. The editing was cool.

    I like the music but it does not appeal to most people here.
  19. Lucky B

  20. Lucky B

    Double post...