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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fly Fishing' started by IFSteve, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. IFSteve

    Just got home from fishing Henry's Lake for four days. Eric came over from Boise and we fished pretty dang hard from Friday through this morning. And like I keep telling you all there are NO fish in Idaho at least not in this stinkin lake. I am not pulling any punches. It was absolutely TERRIBLE. We landed 15 fish in over 40 manhours on the water. It was as bad as I have ever seen it.

    Full moon certainly didn't help but it was just plain poor. And with one exception yesterday morning, everyone we talked to was saying how lousy it was.

    At leat the weather was good but man do I need a fishing (no make that catching) fix.
  2. eabecker

    A catching fix? Didn't you just finish one of those at Clark Ranch two weeks ago? :imdumb:

    I do seem to recall you bringing in lots and lots of unusually large fish.....(and I have proof) :idiot:
  3. IFSteve

    That was two weeks ago and has since been trumped by 4 lousy days. Besides that why do I need to justify a fix? I always need a fix!:rofl:
  4. TheShark

    Bummer Steve

    Were you fishing DEEP?
  5. eabecker

    Shelly, yes, we were fishing deep. We fished depths ranging from 4-5' at the Cable to 16-17' in the Hybrid hole and everywhere in between. We spent a significant portion of our time on the water just counting our lines down.

    We would occasionally find a pod of fish and would get a decent bite rate for a couple minutes, but then the bite would fall off just as quickly as it came up.

    Steve, I can definitely agree about the always needing a fix, but if fishing were great every trip then the good trips would just be another regular fishing trip. That and bad fishing trips are nature's way of keep our egos in check! :hali_ruahahaha:
  6. TheShark

    Great response Eric :)
  7. IFSteve

    Went to lunch with a friend today who fished there yesterday with a buddy. I told him they should have called me first. Of course they hammered them. They caught one between the two of them:imdumb:.

    Thinking of hitting Sheridan Reservoir or switching to rivers.LOL

    Eric, my ego is so deflated right now it will take a week at Grizzly to fix it. Matter of fact I talked to my friend in Maine this afternoon. We are planning our next saltwater adventure and a trip to Oregon next May. Don't forget you are my key witness in case Sue has a memory lapse!:urno1:

    The one intersting thing we did see was a fair number of damsels swimming at a foot under the surface. To me that means they are looking for weeds to crawl out on and hatch. The damsel season may be early this year!
  8. mojo

    Get ahold of Lynn Scott (BS Flies). He'll teach you how to fish that lake.
    Or your money back*

    *not really on the money back. But you might catch something.
  9. IFSteve


    I learned to fish the H from the the man (BS) himself. At least I thought I learned something. After last weekends spanking maybe I didn't.LOLLOL
  10. flygoddess

    Maybe if you had to pay to fish there,:frehya2:just kidding you Steve but it seems you do FANTASTIC on the pay to play waters.
  11. IFSteve

    Joni, you are correct and one of the reasons I started fishing them more and more. Properly managed they can produce great fishing and you have a lot fewer bozos to put up with. I still fish lots of public waters and usually do very well (at least I feel I can hold my own). After fishing the H for 30+ years I am not having the success of years past and I don't think that is just because I am getting older and don't have the reflexes I used to, eye sight, etc. :imdumb:

    I have talked to a number of people this week that have fished there for years and very avid serious fisherman (and woman). And to a person they all feel that this lake is not producing the fishing it has historically. It is still pumping out some real brutes (which is why I still go there) but the numbers and catch rate are way down. I would say this is an abberation except that it has not panned out very well for several years now. I wish I knew what was happening and I know the F&G spawning and netting say the numbers are great but something is going on?


    PS - And I do pay to fish there. By the time I drive up there and run the boat around for the day its a $75 bill.:rofl:
  12. TheShark

    Thanks Steve for calling your report in!!!

    Here is your link :)
  13. mojo

    Steve, hit it the two weeks after free fishing day. You won't regret it.