Big Game 90 bring a buddy specials

Discussion in 'Sponsors Specials' started by ReportsFromTheBridge, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. ReportsFromTheBridge

    Check out the new trips we have added
    http://biggame90.Terrence's website/images/JuneBuddyadd.jpg
  2. fishkiller1

    How about some fish counts from the big game?? They haven't reported and I'm wondering if they got any sea bass on the the 2.5 day trip that got back this morning?
  3. la vida

    This was part of an email 5/12/11
    Go get em!!!
    this weekends 2 1/2 day
    seabass fest
    This was the best bite I've seen on seabass in a long long time. The fish where swimming by the corner takeing baits not more than 10 ft. from the boat.
    We have reports of over 16 boats having limits already thin morning at 7:30 AM
  4. fishkiller1

    They posted just after my post. Glad I am going next weekend. I hope the bite is still on. I would love to catch some sea bass. The best part is I paid for it last year so it was half price:git: