Big E, Freeport Texas

Discussion in 'Texas Fishing' started by J.AkuHed, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. J.AkuHed

    Any of you guys fish the Big E out of Freeport for YF tuna? I may possibly go on an October trip, 53 hours, $650.
  2. Bret

    Jim, thats the best Lr Boat we have here in Tx. It is not as fancy as the SD lr boats as far as galley and food(bring your own and cook in micro or gas grill) but it cruises at 24kts.. and will get there in a hurry. If you like throwing topwaters.. try to get a spot on the bow.. Underwater expeditions just acquired the boat and will do a galley refit and some other in the upcoming year. On a 52hr you will get 2night of tuna fishing and one day of bottom fishing.. usually in the flower garden area. Good luck if you go.
  3. Ragman

    Hey Jim!

    I don't know if that Oct trip is an open or private charter, but you should seriously consider this private charter Siete TFF

    You may recognize some of the board names!

    It will have almost all experienced extended-trip tuna anglers -who've fished together- which will make the experience that much better.

    We only have to travel 100-150 miles offshore to reach 100# YFT; you'll get "tired" of catching 15-25# black fin tuna, and usually stop at some rigs, reefs, or wrecks in 180'-600' of water to catch Amber Jack, Grouper, and Red Snapper.

    Wahoo, Dorado, Cobia, and Mako have also been caught on these trips.
  4. DeepBlueGulf


    Like the guys said, it's not a San Diego style boat, but you will catch Yellowfin Tuna up to 100lbs on the 52-hr trip! Awesome topwater action, lots of jigging possibilities too. You'll love the trip!

    Tom - DeepBlueGulf
  5. J.AkuHed

  6. DeepBlueGulf


    Ask to be put on the standby list, there will be some drop outs by then, and maybe one or two people will sell their spot. There are actually two spots still undecided about, as the limit is 39 anglers, and we are at 37. Throw your hat in the ring in the meantime.

    Tom - DeepBlueGulf