Big Blue Marlin Cabo San Lucas

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by igfarich, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. igfarich

    Just arrived in Cabo yesterday and while the fishing has been slow, at least by Cabo standards, there is some action.... and it was on a big blue marlin estimated at 700+lbs caught about a mile outside the marina. Capt. Manuel Gastelum had a few clients aboard his boat that never fished Cabo before. The day was pretty slow catching only a few dorado, but on the way back in on the half-day trip, Manuel spotted what he originally thought was a whale. Turns out, it was a big marlin that Manuel spotted feeding. With no time to bridle up a bait, the deckhand grabs one of the trolling setups with a double-hook rigged lure (think it was a moldcraft but I'll try and confirm) and sticks one of the smaller dodo's on the trailing hook.... pops it overboard and whammm..... it's inhaled!! About 45 minutes later, it comes to leader and they shoot a couple of photos and release her in great shape. Working on getting the pics from Manny.... will post those as soon as I can. Manny's knows big fish.... a couple of years ago he took the biggest check in the Bisbee's home on the other "Bad Company."
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  4. kelpbass_kid

    great job on the big blue, and great job on the release!
  5. Antonio_Sanchez

  6. SolMar_0_CsL

    photos ?????
  7. marlintoo

    all the big marlins are release or cut the line pictures dont try to be a liars jejejej
  8. renegademike

    Last week I saw a aprox. 250lb blue marlin on the swim step of a 28ft cruiser coming into cabo. So the blues might just be showing themselves early this year.

    we got a nice 50lb wahoo a few days ago.
  9. FAT CAT

    Rich, I heard this story in February when I was fishing down there. Sounds like it's being repeated, but I do think it's true. And the lure was said to be a Moldcraft wide range.
  10. igfarich

    What can I tell ya William.... know the Captain real well and he's not one to bullshit.
  11. SolMar_0_CsL

    nobody says that it sucks to fish. just where were the pictures that say??

    good luck and some pictures for next

    for something more real? and believe it .........
  12. FAT CAT

    Rich, not calling BS on the story, just saying that it happened earlier.
  13. igfarich

    Oops... thought I read "but I don't think it's true" as opposed to "I do"..... my mistake William.