Big Bear Lake 10 20 07...Fishkiller "G", Jade...and Saluki too.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by fishnfool, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. fishnfool

    Brandon and the kids were on the lake at 0730 this morning. They rented a pontoon for the day. Jade is driving and putting her dad and brother on the fish. Number eight hooked up as I was getting the on the water report. Most have been taken on the Brown Trout Thomas Bouyant, and one on the shad berkley frenzy. They are trolling in the bay within a quarter mile of Halloway's Marina where they rented the pontoon. The plan was to head across the lake but they keep getting bit right there so you know the saying...never leave fish to find fish. Just got an update as I am typing this Jade shook off number eight at the boat...she said it was to small. Oh, Oh...number nine as we speak. Those guys are on fire! I'll keep you posted as the day goes along.
  2. fishnfool

    Getting the low down on number ten when wouldn't you know it...HOOK UP!!!! Number eleven, and Brandon says they are gertting bigger.
  3. fishnfool

    Called in number 15, and hooked up number 16 as we were talking. I'm telling you they are on fire. Jade, and Fishkiller "G" are alternating after each fish, and netting for each is kicking back, and enjoying the show. He said the wind has picked up to about 10 knots.
  4. the hook

  5. fishnfool

    Sorry John...haven't got the satellite feed into the shop up and working just yet. :imdumb: We will just have to wait for them to get home from the lake I guess.
  6. big steve

    just got off the phone with him he had 17 and he was starting the saluki boat tours with the klan.
  7. Eye Problem

    Just got off the phone with Brandon, " we got 19 on the boat and ..........., we got a hook up, we got a hook up, got to go" LOL
    I will post some pics as soon as they arrive via text message.
  8. fishnfool

    Well they did the trip around the lake and called it. Ended up with 21 for the day. Brandon said they were getting hit off just about every point they went around as they cruised the lake. Sounds like a great day to be on the water.
  9. Eye Problem

    heres a pic of the booger eaters courtesy of Saluki LOL

  10. wildcat

    Gawd dang that is a great report...
  11. nunyabizness1

    Very cool day on the water! The kids must have had a great time!
  12. Captain Curt

    He called me too with an update on his fishing trip yesterday. What's up with that??????:rofl:


    The boat Hanna........
  13. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    He didnt call me, I'm deeply hurt
  14. Swazi

    :imdumb: He musta got tired of talking to me after his sixth or seventh hookup.
  15. Mstonefish

    Atta Boy Salukislam! :D
  16. Az.monkey

    Thanks for the play by play on the water report guy's. I enjoyed it !